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Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and hyper-personal emails to show your users that you care. Increase conversions by sending clients personalized content!

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How to personalized videos/images?
Works in three simple steps:

Step 1. Add your video or image
Step 2. Add a personalization token
Step 3. Produce and get a personalized result

VideoRemix is used by 1000’s teams to boost conversions

How can I keep the customer ’s attention?
Personalize the experience

By default, your customers expect personalized content from you, including images, videos, emails, recommendations, cart abandonments, offers, and birthday wishes made just for them.

What do you need to implement personalization?

VideoRemix is an easy-to-use platform for image and video personalization.

Personalizing images and video content with customer names and images captures attention and leads to higher conversions.

Human brains are built to process imagery quickly (in milliseconds).

Personalizing images and video content with customer names and information captures attention and leads to higher conversions.

Marketing Emails
Add personalized images & videos to marketing emails
Send personalized images in Facebook messages, Groups, and Pages.
Send personalized images in Linkedin messages

Drive Conversion

According to Forrester, personalized video has been shown to increase click-through rates by up to 985%.

Drive Opt-Ins

Campaigns have been shown to result in up to a 10-fold ROI improvement for big brands such as AT&T.

Drive Click-Through Rates

Add clickable call-to-actions inside your video, engaging your customers more than a regular video could ever do.

High Converting Done-For-You Templates

50+ templates to impress your prospects

Increase sales by getting to know your clients better and providing them with a personalized experience.

Video Personalization Templates
Check 50+ video personalization templates
Image Personalization Templates
Check 40+ image personalization templates

VideoRemix Integrates Wide Range of Media

Video | YouTube | Vimeo | Audio | | SoundCloud | Giphy | Images | Flickr | Youzign

1) Import Media into Video Editor

Edit, mix and mash videos, audio and images. Quickly import media including YouTube or Vimeo videos, record audio via and mix, mash, combine and edit media. Cut videos, trim them and insert voiceovers, all in the cloud with no software to download.

2) Personalize Video & Add Elements

Insert text and image personalization, popups, loops and, best of all, lower thirds and combo elements, which add stunning layers to your videos and give them a professional edge.


3) Produce VideoRemix Videos

Leverage autoresponders, landing pages and Facebook. It's as easy as selecting your autoresponder or Facebook and distributing personalized videos to 1,000's, each viewer receiving a unique video.

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Recommended for personal use

$ 49 99
  • Personalized Video Editor
  • Custom Personalization token
  • Text & Image Personalization
  • Video Animations & Overlays
  • Audio Tracks (50)
  • Texts Fonts (50)
  • Advanced Image Editor
  • Aspect Ratio
  • DFY Templates(30)
  • Advanced Opt-in
  • Pause Element
  • DFY Blending Modes
  • YouTube/Vimeo Import Integration
  • Facebook Personalization
  • URL Personalization
  • Email Campaign
  • WordPress Site Embed
  • Landing Pages Embed
  • Custom Domain Playback URL
  • Stock Images & Footages Integration
  • 8 Live projects with Commercial License
  • CTA Link
  • Smart Speech


Create flawless campaigns

$ 79 99
  • All Starter Features +
  • 8 Live projects with Commercial License
  • Video Automation Creator
  • Animated Lower Thirds
  • Stickers, Labels, and Emojis/Flags
  • Animated CTAs
  • LinkedIn Personalization
  • Analytics
  • Giphy Integration
  • Click to Call Lead Generation/Connect System
  • Video List Builder
  • GoogleMaps
  • Video Downloader
  • Smart API Integration
  • Smart Speech Advanced Settings (Pro voices, Pitch & Speed)


Projects are available for use nytime

$ 99 99
  • All Ultimate Features +
  • 20 Live projects with Commercial License
  • Webcam Recorder
  • Screen Recorder
  • Audio Recorder
  • Folder Management
  • LT Presets (50+)
  • Lead Generator
  • Smart Speech Advanced Settings (Pro voices, Pitch & Speed)
  • 360 video with Personalization
  • Email Template Builder & Interactive Email Templates
  • Smart Meeting Room
  • Strategy Courses & Advanced Consultant Toolkit
  • A.I. Image Editor - 50 demo tokens included
  • Smart Notifications
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Smart Analytics
  • Smart Marketer Social
  • Smart CRM
  • Video Wrapper
  • 7 days Kick Start - Course

Need help getting started?

Done For You Service to start with personalization
Personalized Image Design
We'll design a personalized image based on your marketing campaign needs
Personalized Video Design
We will take your existing video & add personalization layers on top of the video
Personalized Image & Video
We will create 1 personalized image + add personalization on your existing video

What Are Marketers & Entrepreneurs Saying?

Testimonial # 1

Charles Edgerton closed a $100k deal with VideoRemix as the cornerstone to the marketing package he created for his client.

Testimonial # 2

Mike Larouche created virtual marketing agencies with a recurring deal of $2000 per month on the first try using VideoRemix.

Testimonial # 3

A fascinating account of a phenomenal Internet marketer with 24 years' worth of experience. She changed her approach to video marketing, and thanks to VideoRemix, she was able to reach and surpass her monthly revenue target of $3000.

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartVideo is a VideoRemix plan that comes with a low price-tag, excellent training courses, great templates and the features you really need to get started in the personalized video marketing space. 

Absolutely! SmartVideo was designed to help you create customized videos and profit. You can create personalized campaigns for clients in any niche for use on any website and social platform, with no rendering time.

Of course! You can personalize still images as well as moving ones. This is a game changer.

You can – but the great thing about SmartVideo is you don’t have to. Personalize ANY video in just a copy and paste of a link! Or simply edit one of our professionally designed template, crafted by our team of graphic personalization experts – and you’ll be racking up those views in no time.

Nope! We do all that for you. That means no cost, no hassle and no effort for you. You can thank us later.

Customers can cancel, upgrade or downgrade their selected subscription anytime.

You can request for a refund within 7 days of purchase, provided that you have not used out of the purchased projects.

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