Why You Should Embrace 360 Video Advertising Marketing Now

360 video advertising

One uncomfortable thing the advertising landscape has had to put up with lately is the ever-changing ways and methods of staying connected with an audience. It all starts when a new technology pops up and finds its way into advertising.

Virtual reality (VR) is an example we can all relate to. First, it seemed like it was a preserve of gaming and film but it wasn’t long before it made its way into marketing. Then there are 360 videos.

Back in 2016 during the Consumer Electronics Show, 360 videos, alongside VR, were major highlights, and ever since, both have been unstoppable in their quest to go mainstream.  

As a business, there’s every reason to take one step back and think of ways of leveraging these new technologies, especially in marketing. 360 videos hold so much potential as a marketing tool and thus, investing in them is a sure way to stay ahead of the competition.

To start you off on what such videos are all about, let’s understand what 360 video advertising is.

Understanding 360 Video Advertising

If you’re hearing this for the first time, note that 360 videos are the type where you can view in complete spherical 360 view almost everything around you, from left to right, back to the front, and above and below.

Some people simply refer to them as all angle videos. Facebook and Google stand out as the first tech giants who made 360 videos part of their platform before other platforms like Vimeo followed suit.

360 video advertising is a mainstream use of these videos in which brands put viewers inside an experience with the aim of encouraging them to interact with the content and probably take a particular action thereafter.

How 360 Advertising Is Being Used To Engage Customers

What sets these type of videos apart is that the viewer usually feels as though they are right inside the video. It even scores high on the interactive part as the viewer can just drag their finger or a pointer across the device’s screen to adjust movement.

But more important than anything else is the engagement levels of these videos. Proof of this, as you will see later, is in the high shareability rate, better click-through rate, and ability to be watched for longer. On these three, 360 videos score relatively high.  

Every savvy marketer can admit that earning an audience’s attention today calls for creative and competitive techniques in which the user is sure to gain value and surrender their loyalty or respect in return. With a 360 video, users have the freedom to explore what surrounds them and this can foster a deeper connection between them and your brand.

The Effectiveness Of 360 Advertising

Not too long ago, a study carried out by Google together with Columbia Sportswear on 360 videos put the likelihood of such videos to be shared at 42%. On top of that, the study revealed that such videos have a potential to achieve higher click-through rates and be can be viewed for longer.

A great successful example is a 360-degree Ad by Hong Kong airlines that turned to be 35 times better than a similar traditional 2D ad. Shares, comments, and likes really matter and clearly, 360 videos have a way to help you achieve them all

Already, camera manufacturers such as GoPro have models that can shoot 360 videos in 4k. And with tech giants such as Facebook and Google fully making it part of their popular platforms i.e. Facebook and YouTube respectively, that shows how much faith they have in its potential.

Here’s another successful example. About four months ago, an independent filmmaker by the name William Briscoe came up with a 360 video that featured the Nothern Lights. To date, the video has reached over 34 million views and has succeeded in making the world marvel at and want to come visit Alaska.

Big Companies Using 360 Advertising To Convert Customers

Disney, Oreo, Fox, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Red Bull and so on are some of the few massive brands already squeezing the most out of 360 videos. They’ve applied great creativity that has led to the videos reaching a wider audience and achieving a lot in elevating the brands. You can check them out here.

Car manufacturers have also been at the forefront in utilizing this technology in showcasing their latest models and taking fans on a virtual ride. A great example is Red Bull Racing. Since it was uploaded, the video has achieved over 1 million views, ignited conversations, and more importantly, won the company new prospective customers.

Another industry where this type of technology suits well is tourism. For instance, if you are a travel company, you can offer your potential clients a chance to have an immersive experience of their destinations before proceeding to book. This is a sure way to leave them with no option but to make a booking.

Generally, if you are dealing in products or services centered on real-world experiences, these type of videos will set you apart and help you achieve your top marketing goals.

3 Components Of A Successful 360 Video

In coming up with a creative and successful 360 video, there are three things that must be put into consideration. They include:

  1. Movement – Movement involves what those involved in your video will be doing all along. Different narrative styles call for different levels of movement. All you have to do is to ensure its present and done correctly.
  2. Motion – Motion is what gives life to a video. Engagement largely relies on this. Use of drones is a perfect example.
  3. Panoramic view – This has to do with the setting, background, and camera positioning. Each determines how a 360 video will pan out.


As we speak, more brands continue to express interest in this technology and at the same time, the technology is being developed to be better than it is now. Part of this includes the use of personalization in 360 videos to raise engagement levels.

It’s a perfect case of killing two birds with one stone. Personalized marketing is itself a unique and effective technique usually aimed at making the target user feel special by utilizing their name, location, interest, profession or other personal attributes.

When made part of creative 360 videos, the resulting outcome is an incredibly productive video that is guaranteed to convert prospects into paying customers, increase sales, grab customer’s attention, build better relationships, improve customer experience, and also get them to return again.

Investing in such a combination will no doubt bring your business closer to success. Generally, it’s hard to dispute the fact the value of 360 videos is set to rise in the near future and that those who are willing to merge it with personalization or other similar techniques stand a better chance of reaching their business goals.

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