9 Effective Business Marketing Video Intro Maker Strategies

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With customers receiving so many emails, seeing so many videos and hearing so many ads each day, it can be difficult to effectively reach your target audience when promoting your product. Consumers are looking for something different – something that catches their eye. They often times tune out ads and videos, and ignore emails. That is, unless they hear something that sticks out to them, such as their name. By making your ad personal, people feel more led to buy the product being showcased. The consumer then feels like that was made just for them, so they think it must be nice. It also shows that the company takes time to consider what would make their consumers happy.

Video marketing is a great marketing success tool right now. By investing in a tool like Video Remix, you can easily do this! Use Video Remix to transform your business with video marketing. Video Remix assists you with the production of the video and is your video intro maker go-to. It is simple and easy to use, yet very effective. With the variety of tools, it allows you to personalize the video to be focused directly to your audience. You are able to take a street sign and add your consumers name to it, making them feel like the video was made just for them. These marketing video tips will provide you with knowledge of how to make a successful marketing video.


1. Consider Your Target Audience

This should be step No. 1 in basically any marketing strategy; rather it is a marketing video or something else. You need to decide who your target audience will be. Are they younger? Are they older? Are they new to the product or is this just an upgrade? Will they watch a long video or are they in a hurry to get to the end? This will determine how the rest of your marketing strategy will go and what you will choose to incorporate or leave out. When planning for your promo video, you want to gear it directly to your target audience.

Research shows that the retention rate is much higher with video marketing. This is why this step is very important. You want to ensure that your chosen video company offers tools that will allow you to tailor your video production to your audience, like Video Remix.


2. Market The Video Promotion To Yourself. Would You Buy It?

Of course, your consumers will not always be just like you. But a good rule of thumb in online video production is to think about how you would react to getting an email with the promo video. You can always test it on yourself. Do you think it would be effective if you were the consumer? Would it make you more likely to buy something if the video literally had your name in it and was addressed specifically to you?

Consumers want to feel important. They want to feel that they genuinely need your product and that your ad is genuine.

Another wonderful thing about using yourself as a marketing video tester, you already know everything about the product. When creating your video, take a step back and pretend like you know nothing about the product the video is about. Try to explain the product to yourself as you will in the video (during the production steps) and see if you understand the ins and outs of the product afterwards. Do you feel like the consumer would now be almost as knowledgeable about it as you are?

It is also a good idea to watch the video (after production – but before the release of the video) and see if the video still expresses the idea as well as it did during production. If you know feel that you went from knowing nothing about the product to knowing everything, you have done a good job.


3. Highlight Key Points

The time span of the average person is not very long; in fact it is only a few seconds long, similar to that of a goldfish. This means you need to use a video intro maker that grabs their attention from the very beginning. You do not have a second to waste on filler information. Compile a list of your key points and the exact message you would like to get across in your promo video. Use the personalization that Video Remix offers to get your audience listening from the very first sentence. You have the ability to immediately use their name on a sign in the video, or to list their name in a sentence about the product. This is a great place to introduce something new, and then utilize their name in the video showing that they specifically need the new product.

4. Be Dramatic With Your Production. Wow Your Audience!

Like mentioned many times above, you only have so long to inform your reader before they lose interest. Make the content of your video pop! Use the viewer’s name as much as you can. With Video Remix, you are able to add personalization elements and then produce, all with the click of a button. Utilize the absolute best pictures of the product or the best video of it that you have. Do not skimp on this area. Showcase your product and your company, be proud of it.

Although visuals are not everything, as the consumer listens as well, they are important. They will be intrigued by great video production and content. Everyone loves something that is pleasing to the eye.



5. Invest In Talent. It Makes All Of The Difference

A successful marketing video needs to have all of the key components. If you are going to use voice over, do not just use anyone. Invest in someone who has a professional and clear voice. This does not necessarily have to be a professional speaker, although one would be nice, but if you are on a tight budget just find someone within your company who can get the job done most effectively. Make sure the speaker is easily understood. Someone with a stern voice is great for this type of video element. Since they can not be seen, they need to be assertive and clearly heard.

6. Think About The Music

If you choose not to use a voice over, then your music will be your main focus. Use a song that is fitting to your video. Depending on the product, you might be able to find a song that does a small play on words making it sound like it could be describing your product if you market it that way.

If you are not able to use the play on words option, find a popular song that most people know. This will also grab their attention because they will recognize the song. This is a great way to draw them in and then hook them with your great content.

7. Make It Personal

This is the key point. This is the eye-catcher. Use the video creator to help you do this. You are able to put subliminal messaging in your videos using the personalization tool on Video Remix. You could even use the personalization to add your company name to things. For example, you could stick a billboard on the side of the road in your video and switch it out to be an ad for your company instead of just a typical billboard.

8. Determine Your Outlets

Will you be emailing your video? Posting it to YouTube? Facebook? The same way that you consider a target audience, you need to consider your main outlet. This will determine the length of the video and the content. If you are posting it to Facebook or YouTube, you aren’t going to use the customer’s name as many people will see it. But if you were going to email it directly to them or send it as a Facebook message, any personal type of communication, you can personalize it.

The media outlet will also determine the length of your video. You do not want to send a ten-minute video via email to a consumer as they probably will not watch it all. Keep it short and sweet. Grab their attention from the beginning and use your time wisely. Remember, you only have a few seconds with them before they get bored.

9. Be Unique. Utilize The Editing And Production Tools

Videos are popular. Most companies use video marketing – not all, but a lot. You need to stand out. By using a music video creator, you can make your video unique. You can have access to tools such as popups, text transparent masking and many more editing elements.

Utilize these to your advantage. Use these tools to make your video stand out from other marketing videos. Another great thing about these tools is that you can use them to make the video better for the outlet you choose to distribute through. Videos that are sped up, short and very visual tend to be more popular on Instagram right now as people do not have to have the sound on for those. You can use the tools to create your videos in the form that will best fit the platform you are using.

Improving Your Business The Most Efficient Way

Effective video marketing is an essential marketing tool to a company – big or small. Investing in a video intro maker will make your life so much simpler. An online video creator is the most effective way to ensure a quality, personalized and effective marketing video.

Video marketing is a great way to see a rise in visibility. This will give your website more visits and your links more click-throughs. Video marketing can be pricey and difficult, but companies like Video Remix eliminate that. Their system only requires a few simple clicks. There is an incredibly easy tutorial that will walk you right through the steps as well.

Another great thing about video marketing is that it allows you to tug at the heart strings of your clients. This is a great way to connect with them and really make them want your product. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your personality. Make the video fun and show the quirky side of your business! This really makes the consumer feel like they are connecting with you. Consumers are more likely to buy products from a company they feel connected to – they feel they can trust you and your products.


Investing in great video production software and then learning and understanding that software is important to your success in our social media centered world. Once you have completed that – develop a plan; test it over and over again. Make sure that your plan includes the key points of really grabbing your viewer’s attention, making the video intriguing and emotional, providing a clear goal and following up.

Always follow up at the end of your marketing video. By following up, we mean, give your viewers direction for action. Is your video trying to get them to follow your new blog? Are you trying to get them to go to the store and buy your product? Do you want them to donate to something? Viewers need guidance. If you are giving them a call to action, make sure you give them a follow up of instructions. It is important to give your viewers direction as they do not want to go looking for it. Provide a simple link at the end of the video, and definitely in the caption of the video when it is posted.

The follow-up is also another great time to be creative. Rather than just flashing a quick link at the end of the video, create a way to make it more visually appealing and persuading.

The basic, effective strategies to creating a successful marketing video are: be creative, be persuasive, tell a story and be informative. Always start your new marketing endeavor with a strategy and a goal. Remember, outsourcing to other companies and utilizing their available tools are to your advantage. arrow1

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