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Facebook Video Personalization - $80/Attendee
First Webinar Fri, July 15th @ 3 PM EST

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7-Day Private Webinar Launch Ending Friday July 22nd


Product, eComm, Affiliate & Local Niches + Name, Geo & Image Socializer


No Long Rendering Times w/ On-the-Fly Real-Time Video Edits

Import Media

YouTube, Vimeo,, SoundCloud, Recordings, Flickr, Youzign & Images

Edit Video

Mashing, Popups, Text, Intros & Outros Plus a Full Image Editing Suite for Image Media


3 Bonus Ready-Made Lower-Third Templates with Call-to-Actions

Our Funnel

Front End Early Bird


Yearly Recurring
5/10/50 Personalization Video Projects
Usual price of $497/yr

Front End Last Day Price

$1 Trial Last Day

Yearly Recurring
Same as Above

Upgrade 1


60+ Templates + Pro Features
Lower Third & Video Templates

Upgrade 2


One-time Fee
Video Program / Case Studies
Personalization Strategies

Leaderboard Contest and Prizes

40 sale minimum for top prize. Contests based on commissions.

Main Offer

Social Video Personalization

For example, let's say you have a list in GetResponse or Aweber well you can send each and everyone of your contacts a unique video personalized with their name, DOB, shoe size, last product they bought or any information that you have. 10,000 emails. 10,000 unique videos. All cloud-based including simple video editing & mashing!

Imagine if I have 1,000 videos I want to make, all slightly different from one another. Can you imagine how much time that would require to render? 1,000 of minutes of my life wasted. Now with VideoRemix I can do that literally in a minute or two.

No long rendering times. Make changes to your videos on the fly

Video Templates

Lower Thirds + Templates

Personalized videos
for your follow up autoresponder sequence

YouTube Integration
every view counts as a view on YouTube improving SEO rankings

Use it for personalized intros / outros

Use it to add-on a quick intro / outro when using the product creator's sales video for the bonus page of your affiliate campaign

Use it with LeadPages making people opt-in to receive a personalized video right away

Use it with eCommerce where you show the name of the last product your customer bought from you

Use it with Affiliate Marketing where you show the name of the last JVZoo software product or ClickBank product your customer bought from you

Upgrade 1

60 Lower Third/Video Templates + Enterprise Edition

Stunning Video / Lower Third Templates

Means that your customers have templates out-of-the box ready to be used with their products, promotions & local clients.

Check out our video template samples

Upgrade 2

Video Personalization Alchemy Blueprint

Introducing the Personalization Alchemy Program

Supercharge your marketing with a level of personalization never before seen especially when it comes to video. Increase your opt-in rates, conversions & sales. We walk you through creating & structuring personalization campaigns from A to Z to maximize your conversions.

Sure you might have a list of 1,000 customers but maybe you only have their email. You don't have their first name, last name, their DOB and dozens of other data points that you need to effectively customize your software. We'll teach you secret ways to harvest that data so you can effectively customize all your videos. Yearly license is available for only $97 for up to 1,000 harvesting pulls per month, $197/year for up to 10,000 harvesting pulls per month and only $297/year for up to 100,000 harvesting pulls per month. Watch your conversions skyrocket with our personalization campaign program.

#1 - Structure Your Campaign & Harvest Data

1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 data harvesting pulls

It's as easy as uploading a CSV of your list & harvesting your data. Once you have specific data you use it to create a campaign with targeted angles that will get a reaction from your audience & increase your click-through-rates. However, there are ways to have lackluster angles & rockstar angles. We cover the top "personalization points" to hit.

#2 - Creating Personalization Campaigns

Stunning personalized video campaigns

Videos can look stunning but they can also look like crap. We take you step-by-step on how to create ones that blow your audience away, captivate their attention & make your marketing look slick. We break the "art of personalization" down into a science that can be replicated.

#3 – Converting Leads w/ Personalization

Start personalizing & converting

It's time to put personalization into your actual funnels. Figure out how email video personalization works leveraging it with automated autoresponder sequences, putting it on your site to generate opt-ins & using it with affiliate marketing campaigns. We go through use cases & concrete case studies so you can either use personalization in your marketing or replicate the results for clients.

JV Tools

Email Swipe

Pre-Launch Swipe

Hey [first name],

The revolution has arrived. Tomorrow. 9 AM EST. Be there:[...]

It's the launch webinar & we are launching this revolution.

-Cloud-based video editing
-Name, geo & custom video personalization
-Advanced image editor for video images
-Integrations w/, OP2.0, WP & custom
-All top email service providers
-AND Image personalization

That's just the tip of the iceberg...

We have software, affiliate marketing & eCommerce
case studies...

This is going to be powerful. We'll show you LIVE
demos on the call.

Be there tomorrow @ 9 AM EST. Sign up here:[link]


[Socializer] Is Now Live plus Ninja Spy "Personalized" Vid Inside..

Note: Contact us so your JV video campaign can be personalized


Personalizer - the first ever Cloud-Based Video Editing & Personalization platform - has just launched!

There are a few times in history when a truly revolutionary platform changes everything & this is one of those moments!
All you have to do is click the link below, watch the video, see the ninja "spy personalization" technology in action for 30 seconds & you will understand. This isn't hype. This is a new way of marketing.
Check out your personalized video w/ YOU in it here: get access now at the lowest price follow these steps:
#1 - Check Out My Personalizer Video LIVE &

#2 - Check Out My Bonuses in the link above

#3 - Buy Before the early bird expires @ 1 PM EST[name]
P.S. The Personalizer early bird discount that grandfathers you in at the lowest price ever expires at 1PM EST.

P.S.S. The creators aren't pump & dump launchers. They stand behind this. If you get in expect & demand quality. Seriously check out this video and you'll know for yourself:

Clean Lines

Sneak Peek Teaser (Clean Lines)

Downloadable Video Promotional Materials you can use in your affiliate promo vids (see the download button on the vimeo page)


Dropbox JV Tools Media Library

DropBox Media

Dropbox Media

Templates & Enterprise Suite

Upgrade Sales Page

Video Personalization Alchemy Blueprint

Upgrade 2 Sales Page

Bonus Page for Affiliates

Bonus Page

Testimonials that Our Conversions are Unparalleled

Lee Pennington from LeadSeven

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Cloud-Based. Video Editor. Socializer™

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