What Makes the Best Video Marketing (With 5 Easy Rules)

If you pay attention to statistics about the future of marketing and branding, you’ve surely seen the trend by now: Video is skyrocketing to the top of everyone’s priority. The ubiquity of video as a powerful marketing tool is due in large part to the ease with which it can be created. Professional-level marketing videos…

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How Real Estate Video Production Will Catapult Your Agency (in 6 Ways)

Video marketing has been called the future of marketing, but let’s go ahead and change that to the present: It’s here to stay. And if you’re not already using online video marketing software to reach your potential clients, you’re missing out on one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools that exists in today’s…

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Video Marketing Strategy: A Practical Guide (2017 Edition)

video marketing strategy

Marketing is one of the few vital business operations you’ll never go wrong with. More important to mention is that it has evolved, and if you haven’t adapted to the new trends, you are being unkind to your business. Well, here’s a reality we have to face today: The use of video in marketing is…

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Video Production Business Ideas (Tips For Success In 2017)

video production business ideas

If you’re someone who’s spent any amount of time in the marketing/advertising world, chances are you’ve been told a hundred times just how important video content is right now. That story might get old after some time, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a story worth repeating and reiterating. With video content…

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4 Practical Ways to Make Your Own Business Video (And Why Personalization Matters)

Don’t we all want to tell good stories? You know you need an efficient way to reach your unique target audience, but without spending a fortune on a marketing budget, you want to ensure you’re reaching your potential customers with the information they need. It’s easier than ever to make your own business video that…

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How to Use Online Video Production (Plus 3 Features Your Video Needs)

online video production

Online video production is more important than ever in the constantly fluctuating world of digital marketing. Video ads’ click-throughs are significantly higher than image or text-based ads, and the best part is that you can personalize video and make it interactive in a way that text and images alone can’t. With YouTube and Facebook essentially…

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Video Editing Business Ideas (4 Tips For Succeeding In 2017)

video editing business ideas

Video marketing is a train that seems to keep on a chugging no matter what. Companies and businesses all across the globe have realized that this is much more than a quick flash in the pan. Video marketing is a massive new movement in the advertising/promotion world, and it’s here to stay. There are many…

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Video For Business Promotion (How To Rule With It In 2017)

video for business promotion

Starting a business is no easy task. In fact, it’s one of the most grueling ventures that you can choose to embark on. However, once all is said and done and your business starts to see success, you know that all of that hard work and effort was well worth it. There are a lot…

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How Videos Are Proving Beneficial For Real Estate Agent Marketing

best video marketing

Real estate agent marketing is a business of trust, trust between the real estate agent and the buyer. Real estate videos make it possible to build trust through creating live displays of the value of real estate properties. Commercial real estate marketing is a visual business and real estate agent marketing has gone beyond using…

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How To Learn Video Marketing

learn video marketing

If you want to run successful video campaigns, you need to expand your knowledge about video marketing, standard practices, and what makes a video click with your audience. Honestly, it can be overwhelming. 93% of marketers are using video. Where do you begin when you’re venturing into the crowded world of video marketing? The best…

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