Using Personalized Video To Get Loyal Web Users

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Want Loyal Web Users? Say Hello To Personalized Video

Using Personalized Video













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Personalization can be applied to three areas of activity by publishers:

  • Content
  • Advertising That Reflects The User's Interests And Past Purchases
  • Marketing and Offers

Step 1: Map Out Clear Goals

Publishers need to set out clear and relevant goals of what they want to acheive from their personalized video strategy.

These Goals Could Include:

  • Improved Engagement
  • Higher Advertising Rates
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Monetization
  • User Loyalty
  • Time Spent On Site

Benefits of Personalized Video:

Personalized Videos Keep Readers There Longer

When browsing online, up to 74% of people get frustrated when they feel that the content is not relevant to them, and they may even leave a site if they feel his way.

Personalized videos, however, can connect with readers more intimately. After all, it has been said that people’s favorite word, and the word they respond most to, is their own name.

Smart videos that include the names, job title and even picture of your readers just for them will connect with them better than generalized content aimed at your target audience. The underlying message can be the same, but it’s easier to get people to that message when you draw them in with personalized content made just for them.

Make Them Part Of Your Story

Personalizing videos not only draws readers to your message and helps them feel as if they are part of something bigger than reading words or looking at social media updates. Not only will the video become relevant and timely to their lives, but it will also give them something more.

Consider a marketing campaign that Nike implemented – they created a set of videos that could be customized for some of their customers that incorporated their lifestyle, their names, and their cities.

This message became more than just an advertisement. It represented a piece of Nike and a piece of their customers. Together, they created a story.

By creating personalized video content that your readers feel they belong in, their attachment to your story will grow, and that loyalty will boost your all-around engagement performance.

Personalized Content Conversion

There are more benefits to customized video content than just connecting with your audience's emotions. How well they engage, respond to, and convert from your personalized content is also an important factor to consider.

Communication online can often feel like it’s missing an important, human aspect. We post lively updates and send emails full of text and broad visuals, but these aspects don’t always show positive results.

Using personalized video content in addition to targeted email campaigns, you can increase your conversion rate from your email lists and get more people to regularly engage with the content you offer.

Shows That You Care About Who They Are – And That Matters

More than just showing readers or customers that you have their contact information, you want to show them that you care about who the person behind that information is. With linked social media profiles, you can incorporate their interests and photos to strongly make that point.

When you create a personalized video, you’re taking the time to ensure that each and every member of your audience can enjoy your content. That touch of personalization shows that you, as a brand, respect them.

Not every brand takes the time to show their target audience that they care about the people that support them as more than just a numerical value. Dynamic videos customized for your readers can do just that.

Increase Engagement With Personalization

It’s not complicated to implement personalized content (video or otherwise) in your email outreach, blog posts, or social media profile. There’s plenty of tools to assist you, and they’re just a click away.

One great tool for making personalized videos is VideoRemix, which offers cloud-based video editing and personalization tools that even those with zero video editing experience can understand.

With the knowledge of the video marketing masterminds behind VideoRemix, you’ll be able to solidify your strategy and connect with your audience in just a few simple steps.

Using personalized video content is the simplest solution to any problems that you are having with actively engaging your audience. Show them that you know who is watching to improve your page loyalty for years to come!

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