What the Best Company Videos Get Right (in 5 Simple Steps)

Let’s consider the traditional business card. This small paper rectangle instantly tells customers all the essentials of your company. Think about what matters most: the weight of the paper, the color scheme, the fonts and sizes, the inclusion of key information, the white space, the boldness or simplicity of the design.

All of these are crucial elements of a good business card, because when a customer picks up that small card, he immediately knows what to expect from your company. No-nonsense professionalism, artistic sensibility, dedication to details, high-quality work: A business card can communicate all of these messages and more.

But, you might be thinking, we’re in the twenty-first century, right? Is there really as much relevance as there once was to paper and ink business cards these days?

What if you could take all the elements we just discussed – design, details, message – and transform them into the most compelling digital business card, accessible to thousands with the click of a button? Enter personalized video marketing.

All the information previously communicated through a physical business card can now be efficiently and professionally synthesized into the best company video with easy-to-use technology that customizes videos for each client by name or image.

So, just like you would put careful thought and design into a business card to ensure its maximum effectiveness to communicate for your company, you’ll need to spend some time learning the essential components of good corporate videos. We’ll discuss 5 subtle tactics the best company videos all use to get you started.

1. Focus on pain points.

Assume that your clients will be coming to you because no one else can give them what you can. When you understand the ins and outs of the audience you are trying to reach, you won’t have to worry about reeling your clients in with artificial advertising gimmicks or tricks. You have something they need, so identify the “problem” they’re bringing to you, and address it!

By honing in on your potential customers’ needs, you can use your marketing videos to honestly let your audience know what products or services you offer that can uniquely relieve those pain points.

2. Stay simple.

Digital content is constant and ever-changing, so to keep your clientele focused on your company and product, you’ll want to pick one key message to relate per video. The top corporate videos follow the principle that a concise and succinct video grabs viewers’ attention more than an elaborately over-explained one.

Related to the previous point, one message for one specific audience will do far more to speak to individual customers than a generalized information dump of all that your company offers.

3. Tell the story.

Viewers will be most engaged when you tell the story of your service meeting their needs. Personalization software makes it easy for potential customers to understand how your business will relate to their specific questions.

As you learn more about how to make a corporate video, consider asking a current client to give you feedback on whether or not the video achieves your intended goals. If she can affirm that it answers her questions or problems, chances are you’re headed in the right direction.

4. Be transparent.

Honesty works as your ally in the video marketing world. The best company videos don’t just offer an explanation of their services or products, they also allude to the why. If you can include any pieces that get at the emotion behind why you do what you do, your message will begin to appeal to people’s beliefs, which is a far more effective marketing tactic than obvious sales pitches.

Gaining your potential audience’s trust through your own beliefs will benefit you when they are trying to decide why they should care about your business over another. One of the most effective aspects of using personalized video templates is that you can easily call out to individuals by name or image to personally engage them with your video.

5. Promote widely.

Just like you would carry business cards to have on hand for any occasion chance presents, once you have a few videos made, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any possible online spaces to promote your corporate videos.

Social media sites, like YouTube and Facebook, are obvious and good places to start, as well as email outreach, but don’t overlook other niche opportunities, like relevant blogs or online publications, that reach your intended customer base. A few shares from sites like these can have wide ripple effects when you’ve put your best company videos out there.  

Final Thoughts

The best company videos all put these principles to use for maximum effectiveness. With the technology available today for making high-quality marketing videos, there’s no reason to wait to learn how to make a corporate video!

We started with the traditional business card, and by now you’re more equipped to understand the value of using video marketing as your digital business card. The currency of video these days is so high that a small venture into this realm of marketing will have significant ROI.

For more detailed information about how to get started using personalized video marketing, join one of our upcoming webinars!

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