How Can a Start-Up Utilize the Power of Video Marketing?

55% of people watch online videos every other day. (Source) 52% of marketers believe that videos help build brand awareness. (Source) If a video is included in a landing page, the chances of conversions increase by almost 80%. (Source) As a start-up business, one of your main concerns is how to attract new customers and…

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Strategies For Success In The Corporate Video Process

To succeed in making a successful corporate video is to succeed in taking on the challenge of planning out said video! Creating a video is no simple task. With dozens of steps that must be completed from start to finish, the corporate video process can be overwhelming. Overwhelming, however, doesn’t mean impossible. With the right…

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Corporate Video Pricing: What To Expect And How To Choose

corporate video pricing

The stage is set. You’ve decided that it’s time for your company to move forward with modern media and create new corporate videos to showcase your brand, your products, and your message. Now, it’s time to figure out the budget and the pricing. The issue is, however, that corporate video pricing can seem like a…

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Building Basics: All You Need To Know About The Video Production Process

video production process

It’s true that anyone can make a video. In the modern age of media creation, thousands of products exist to help you become the mind behind your next big video. But just because anyone “can” make a video doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to do it. The video production process is complicated; there’s a…

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Creative Corporate Video Ideas: What It Takes To Stand Out

creative corporate video ideas

Every marketing agent today knows that video is the way to capture your audience’s attention, but the words “corporate video” can feel like the opposite of inspiring. But they don’t have to invoke the sense of dull, boring dread that usually come to mind when thinking of this media type. With the right creative corporate…

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The Power of Personalized Video Advertising (1 Method for 2018)

personalized video advertising

  The universe of digital media marketing can often seem overwhelming at worst and cluttered at best. Amidst the endless fragments of advice and best practices and musts out there, how do you know which facet of digital advertising really is essential for the future of your marketing strategy? We’re here to cast our vote…

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Dynamic Video Advertising: How To Get Incredible Conversion

learn video marketing

As global connectivity increases, our our technological focus is increasingly becoming more in tune with consumers’ desires for individuality amidst mass markets. We don’t want to just be a face among the masses; we want to be known and understood. This is where dynamic advertising enters the scene to reassure marketers and consumers alike that…

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How to Sell Video Production Services with 6 No-Fail Methods

how to sell video production services

All good marketing is ultimately rooted in storytelling. And as we’re all are realizing now, storytelling through video is one of today’s most compelling growth areas for marketers and entrepreneurs. So if you’re getting started in the video production industry, you need your storytelling roots to have room to flourish so your business can grow.…

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Product Intro Videos: How to Get Them Right Every Time (for 2018)

product introduction video

Introduction videos for your products provide more than simple explanation. While the goal is to round out your customer’s understanding, the video should also create some curiosity that will help pique potential customers’ interest. Your first question might be why you even need a product introduction video for your company. One simple answer is because…

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5 Vetted & Paid Video Marketing Tools Digital Marketers Need

video marketing tools

Study after study continues to confirm the huge impact video has on marketing. Its future is now, and moving forward, technology companies such as Cisco estimate that video is going to account for 80% of all internet traffic globally. For marketers who’ve not yet incorporated video into their marketing strategy or fully leveraged its abilities,…

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