How to Buy & Convert Leads Online

You’ve probably come across multiple articles, each with a different view on the issues revolving around purchasing online leads. But this isn’t unusual as almost every investment does attract mixed views.

In this case of leads, some insist it’s just too expensive to purchase them. A good number think it’s a high-risk investment no business should take. But then, there’s a sizeable portion that believes the potential for decent rewards that such an investment holds should matter more than anything else, especially to an ambitious business.

For some, it only took one decent-sized deal to recoup the money invested in purchasing online leads. For others, it took several transactions. But what’s constant amongst those that gained from purchasing online leads is that they also invested plenty of effort in converting those leads into sales.

Here’s the truth about running a business. Risk-taking, if done well, often leads to success. Seeing that there’s value in buying leads online, this is an investment you will not want to pass up.  To start you off, let’s look at ways to buy leads online.

3 Top Ways To Buy Leads Online

You will remember that a lead is simply a potential client or customer who has expressed interest in your product or service. Rather than step out to hunt your target clients, a lead list brings them right to your palms.

Today, there are several lead list generation services whose main goal is to supply you the leads your business needs. Each service gets their leads differently and this is what sets them apart from each other. Prices also differ as some services are more expensive than others.

While finding out how to buy leads for my business, I came across several services. But these three are the top lead list generation services many businesses, mine included, vouch for.

1. Business Lists Platforms

Business list platforms often obtain their data from verified data sources, and to ensure the data quality is great, all data is verified against several third-party services, federal records, and APIs.

Getting lead lists on these platforms is relatively cheaper. Unfortunately, they can’t integrate with multiple CRM platforms, except a few like SalesRipe that utilize their own CRM platform.

2. Lead Data Platforms & Tools

Lead data platforms employ different techniques in obtaining data. For instance, Lusha utilizes a chrome extension to extract data as you browse through different websites and social platforms.

Leads411, another similar platform applies a different method and also has a chrome extension. Many lead data platforms, like the two we’ve just mentioned, can easily integrate with multiple CRM and Contact Management Systems.

3. Lead Generation Agencies

Such agencies often have a network of businesses or companies and a website or several that they use to promote their client’s business. If a visitor expresses interest in any of the agency’s clients, the agency immediately passes the lead to the respective client, together with the requirements and a guide on how to buy business leads online.

How Do You Access A Good Lead Generation Company?

As always, care should be taken when finding out where to buy leads online. Lately, there have been rising cases of lead generation companies selling junk leads to clients and so, to ensure you don’t become a victim to such agencies, we’ve sampled a few questions that you need to find answers to and a couple of things to do that will guide you in a choosing a good lead generation company.

  • Is the company’s information source valid and reliable? Find out how they verify their data.
  • Have they complied with the law? You can browse their data quality pages to find out.
  • Is the company listed on Better Business Bureau? If yes, check out their history, complaints (if any), and reviews.
  • Is the Company transparent about their pricing? If not, ask questions about their pricing.
  • What type of leads do they offer? Keep in mind that there are leads for consumers and businesses. And is their lead list highly-targeted and customizable?

Once you have clear answers to all these questions, narrow down your search and chose a company that fits well into your budget.

What Makes For Good Lead Generation?

There’s no doubt that almost every lead list will comprise of several junk leads. This means that focus should be put on keeping the percentage of such leads small while maximizing the chances of closing a deal with the remaining leads.

Good lead generation can take different forms, and assuming you already have a lead list, there are a couple of things to note that will assist you to get quality leads.

  • Limit your search to fit your marketing goals. For instance, you can narrow down your search in the lead list generation services to certain geographic locations, interests or other attributes.
  • Investing in market outreach strategies that produce better ROI. Remember, sending thousands of emails, SMSs, or making a dozen phone calls won’t translate to high conversion rates if your approach is ineffective.
  • Use proper aspects such as email automation, lead scoring, and exclusive content to nurture leads.
  • Provide your leads with content that is useful and compelling.

Converting the Leads Into Paying Customers

As we mentioned earlier, here’s where your big breakthrough lies. Once you purchase leads online, the next important thing is to convert them into customers or clients.

However, one thing that many sales reps and business overlook is the lead pre-qualification process. A substantial amount of time is often wasted chasing up on the wrong leads just because one failed to qualify their potential customer.

Given that it’s a lead list, chances are you hardly know anything beyond your leads’ contact information. It would be best, therefore, to find out the following during your first phone meeting, initial call, face-to-face meeting or email.

  • Does the lead face challenges that your solution can solve?
  • Can you provide your lead with a unique and unmatched solution?
  • Can the prospect afford your product or service?
  • Is your solution coming at a proper time?

By pre-qualifying your leads, you will be able to pour your focus into the right leads. However, if your leads are already pre-qualified, this presents an even better chance of experiencing higher conversion success rates.

Conversion Funnels

One important thing to note is this. Simply sending your newly-obtained leads through your conversion funnel won’t automatically convert them into paying customers. You will have to do more than that, and this includes, among other things:

  • Coming up with trial subscriptions for your product or service
  • Giving your prospects an incentive
  • Finding a way to keep your product or service dangling before the prospect
  • Following-up on your leads
  • Utilizing psychological triggers in your ads and other content meant for your prospects
  • Ensuring you have a positive word-of-mouth all over the internet
  • Drafting emails that stand-out and can catch the attention of your prospect.

Having a list of leads is a good thing, but getting those leads to click that “Buy Now” button is what counts the most. What you’ve just learned in the last part of this article is what you need to do to make this a reality.

Final Word

Lead generation counts as one of the few effective ways for one to grow their business quickly. In achieving this, opting to purchase leads online remains an option every serious business should consider. But to go about this right, one should approach it the same way they would approach any other investment endeavor. Thereafter, more effort should be put into converting those online leads into paying customers or clients.  If possible, one should refine their marketing skills, invest in proper tools, and more importantly, apply correctly all the aspects we’ve mentioned in order to achieve desired sales.  

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