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Improve Customer Engagement And Boost Conversions Using Personalized Videos

How It Works

Skyrocket conversions, opt-ins and sales via 10,000+ personalized video campaigns


Product, eComm, affiliate and local niches + name, geo and image personalizer


No long rendering times with on-the-fly real-time video edits

Import Media

YouTube, Vimeo,, SoundCloud, recordings, Flickr, Youzign and images

Edit Video

Mashing, popups, text, intros and outros + a full image editing suite for image media


3 bonus ready-made lower-third templates with call-to-actions


1. Import & Edit Videos
Adding Elements

2. Tag Video to Personalize

3. Publish Personalized
Video to 1000's

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Opt-ins & Lead Magnets

Increase opt-ins by enticing visitors and viewers to unlock a personalized video after subscribing, resulting in high website and Facebook ad funnel conversions. See how LongTailPro uses VideoRemix.

eCommerce Physical Products

Create custom quiz VideoRemix videos, insert images or names of last product bought or geo-target products to customers. See how uses VideoRemix.

Info & Software Products

Offer discounts only to a customer's email address, add clickable CTAs and creatively insert a customer's name into sales videos. See how we use VideoRemix in our own marketing.

Affiliate Promos

Add quick intros and outros with your voiceover, including targeted personalization and clickable call-to-action with your affiliate link. See a big increase in conversions with the VideoRemix experience.

Local Brick & Mortar Clients

Sell personalization campaigns to local clients, driving new customers for them with a powerful and compelling offering that boosts ROI.

VideoRemix Integrates with Top Marketing Platforms

VideoRemix Integrates Wide Range of Media

Video | YouTube | Vimeo | Audio | | SoundCloud | Giphy | Images | Flickr | Youzign

1) Import Media into Video Editor

Edit, mix and mash videos, audio and images. Quickly import media including YouTube or Vimeo videos, record audio via and mix, mash, combine and edit media. Cut videos, trim them and insert voiceovers, all in the cloud with no software to download.

2) Personalize Video & Add Elements

Insert text and image personalization, popups, loops and, best of all, lower thirds and combo elements, which add stunning layers to your videos and give them a professional edge.

3) Produce VideoRemix Videos

Leverage autoresponders, landing pages and Facebook. It's as easy as selecting your autoresponder or Facebook and distributing personalized videos to 1,000's, each viewer receiving a unique video.

What Can VideoRemix Personalize?

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What Are Marketers & Entrepreneurs Saying?

Testimonial #1

VideoRemix Personalizer
Alpha Tester Reactions Compiled

Testimonial #2

"There are 2 things that play a BIG role in the success of my company: video (for pretty much every marketing material I put out there) and personalization (matching the right message to the receiver). Combine personalization with video together.... and you got yourself a WINNER!"

Wilco de Kreij

Testimonial #3

Dennis Champion

VideoRemix Bonuses

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