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Social Proof: Creating personalized video campaigns manually costs a lot!

You would need to shell out a significant amount of money (read: $10,000+!) to have just 1 PERSONALIZATION CAMPAIGN made. If you have local or online clients you can re-sell Personalization Video Campaigns using our client-closing strategies!

The 3-Step Video Personalization Funnel Blueprint

Learn. Create. Optimize.

Learn from our blueprint

Get our top strategies for maximal leads & profits.
It's just a small fee & you have access to the best Video Personalization Strategies out there. Once you have access you'll want to review our strategies & analysis so you can choose the most profitable & applicable strategy for your business.

Create your personalization campaign

Use our over-the-shoulder walk throughs.
You'll want to set yourself up so that you can collect more valuable email leads or start re-selling personalization to local businesses but it's important you create quality by watching over our shoulder as we personalize with style & teach you how to copy & paste our methods.

Optimize Your Funnel

Bonus module discusses next gen personalization.
Once you start sending personalization campaigns it's time to optimize everything to make even greater funnels, opt-in conversions & sales by using Geo-IP & eCommerce personalization. Learn from our case studies.

Here is a Glimpse at the Secret 4

Strategy #1 - Affiliate Marketing

Normal affiliate campaigns are boring. Grab the product creator's sales video, put it on a bonus page & act like it's personalized. Our ninja strategy will teach you how to add custom intros & outros to that video & personalize it along with a clickable Call-to-Action at the end.

Strategy #2 - eCommerce

If you have an eCommerce business & know the last product your customer bought then you can use an image of that in your video personalized for each subscriber. Leverage this, names, locations & more for high-converting eCommerce campaigns.

Strategy #3 - Software & Info Products

Add an edge to any of your software or info product sales campaigns to increase EPCs through your funnel by adding personalization into your video marketing. We show you what drives those conversions when selling your own products.

Strategy #4 - Local Business

Don't have any products? No problem! So many marketers & local businesses out there have horrible unpersonalized videos waiting for you to come in and show them the edge that comes with personalization. It's time for you to learn how to close these clients & create Personalization Video Campaigns for them especially when you have our Personalization Sales Script.

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