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Just recently Adam, one of our VideoRemix consultants sat down with VideoRemix customer, Charles Edgerton, to discuss how he closed his first 100K deal.

Charles has an internet marketing company and leveraged VideoRemix to get his first 100K client. He closed a one year contract for 100K using VideoRemix as part of the deal. He packaged PPC, SEO, Web Design and Video Marketing to create the “Ferrari” of marketing services for his RV Dealership client.

How did Charles find his 100K lead?

Charles' lead was a client he had previously worked with in a different capacity. He did some tech support work for the company previously and ran into them again and decided to ask them what their plans were for marketing.

“No one's doing video personalization in that industry, so we talked to him about that and showed him a sample video, and he fell in love with it.”

Charles took on the role of a consultant to close the deal, acting as if he already had the client.

“We closed the deal by showing him VideoRemix and how the VideoRemix technology engaged with the customer.”

Charles showed the client how add call to actions to his personalized video scaled his efforts and translated to money in his pocket.

Charles says that his relationship with the client helped him close the deal. Since he worked with the client in the past, there was already a lot of trust.

One of the obstacles he had to overcome with this client is that he worked tech support for him in the past, so the client was unsure of what Charles could deliver in the marketing world.

But with the VideoRemix technology, Charles could easily create a marketing video to show him what he would be able to deliver and his expertise in this area.

“When you can whip something like that [VideoRemix] out to a potential customer, and you know that there is no one else out there doing that in your area, then it gives you a leg up. It definitely gave us the leg up.”

So, how did Charles prove himself in a new industry so fast?

Charles recommends having a good web presence yourself. If you are going to sell web services, you should be consuming your own goods.

One of the ways Charles sold his client was by taking him and walking him through his own optimized website.

product introduction video

What took Charles over the top?

When Charles developed a video campaign with all his client's information in it, it really took him over the top.

The client was impressed and knew that Charles could do things that were different, and that he had never seen done in marketing before.

Knowing a bit about the industry doesn't hurt either. You want to have some good talking points when speaking with your client. Really doing your research and finding out what's important to them.

What Should You Charge?

Charles suggests doing your due diligence and researching what other companies are charging for the same services.

He did this by calling a competitor and asking for a quote for their top of the line services.

He learned that for their top of the line service they charged about $115,000 yearly. So, Charles just reverse engineered the services they provided, added the great value of VideoRemix, and then developed his own pricing strategy.

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So, what type of clients should you work with?

Charles attributes his big deal to his client understanding that in order to compete in his prospective market, he had to invest in marketing his business. By investing $100,000, he was going to gain a return on investment of a lot more.

It's up to the business owner to determine what their budget is, not the consultant. Show them the Ferrari.

Charles advises, "We spend the money on the client's behalf with a poor person's perspective. We think we are doing them a favor by coming in low. You should give them the Ferrari and let them back down from the Ferrari, to the Lamborghini, to the Porsche, to the Dodge. Otherwise, you are never going to understand the potential of the sale."

Charles says, “Saving money never made anyone rich.”

Adam adds, "People who view a transaction as how do I save money on this deal are going to just lose money because they aren't viewing it as an investment. They aren't viewing it as how can I take this 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K and turn into 500K or a million dollars. And that's the difference between the widely successful people and the people that stay broke forever."

Leveraging Previous Customers

why choose videoremixCharles used his first two customers to learn more about the VideoRemix technology and to gather some initial data to share with his bigger client. This built his confidence to get his first big ticket customer on just his third deal.

Charles recommends getting at least 2 to 3 customers that you can get "history" from or results. You want customers that you can get data from to present to other potential customers.

Putting in The Work First

The biggest thing is patience and consistency. You also want to show them the possibilities.

"When you create a VideoRemix video for someone, it doesn't look like you spent 20 minutes on it. It looks like you've spent days, if not weeks creating the video."

One of the strategies that Charles used was showing his prospective client what he could do and not just telling them.

VideoRemix helped tremendously with this because Charles was able to develop a high-quality video for his client, without it taking a massive amount of Charles' time.

Charles says, "If I was willing to create this video for them free of charge, without them spending a dime, they could just imagine what I would do once I secured the contract."

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