How to Get Commercial Video Clients

commercial video clients

Quite a huge number of us work pretty hard to find those coveted commercial clients or get them interested in what we have to offer. And we can all admit this isn’t easy.

But seeing that others have done it already, that means it’s possible, provided one applies the best practices in pursuing such clients.

If you are a professional or a video production company that does excellent work in a professional manner and finishes it on time, that’s the best place to begin. It’s even better if your current clients find you reliable and great to work with.

That said, let’s now look at three practical and successful ways that are sure to bring you new or additional commercial video clients.

1. Build Your Network

For you to meet people  open to the idea of working together or who are willing to introduce you to those who are, you have to build your network. Networking is an old art that still works magic in this day and age.

If you’ve never networked before, probably because you’ve never given the idea much thought or you don’t feel comfortable doing it, it would be best to begin by familiarizing yourself with how to do it properly. Just like every other art, you the more you practice, the better you get at it.

You’ll want to have goals in mind, determining the number of prospective clients you hope to reach for a specific period of time, and also, find out the events and places they go to frequently.

Before you network, it’s a good idea to ensure that your social media profiles and website are in tact before distributing business cards with your contact information on them.

You’ll also want to expand your networking to online as well. Social networks like LinkedIn and even Facebook can serve as a effective way to meet new prospects.

2. Form Strategic Alliances

A strategic alliance is an agreement you reach with one or several entities to pursue specific agreed upon goals while staying as independent firms.

Even though there may be conflicting objectives, goals, strategies, and ethical issues, the great advantage an alliance presents is an opportunity to reach new clients and markets.

For instance, you can form a strategic alliance with a web design agency or a business consulting firm and agree to refer to each other clients who need additional services the other firm offers.

If, say, a web design agency or a business consulting firm recommends video marketing to a client, they can refer them to your video production company. On the other hand, if a client you’ve made a video for happens to be in need of a great website or wants to consult on other aspects of business, you can refer them to your partners.

Provided each of you see the alliance as valuable to your business in the long run, referrals will likely be consistent and herein lies the opportunity to land commercial video clients.

3. Invest in Advanced Video Technologies and Trends

It’s a fact that there is a dozen of other professionals and video production companies out chasing after the same commercial clients as you. Should this worry you? Absolutely not. In fact, competition is a great thing, provided you can figure out ways to stand out from the crowd.

If, say, you specialize in marketing videos, stay abreast of the different trends and technologies coming up in the industry. The way people consume video content has been changing year after year and so, it’s safe to say that commercial video clients will prefer creatives who meet a customer’s expectations when it comes to video.

You can set yourself apart by investing in those technologies that have the potential to assist the client to engage their clients further, increase their sales and conversions, and drive ROI for their business.

A great example is video personalization, a technology that utilizes personal information such as names, titles, interests, job etc. to create an experience that is unique, relevant, and powerful.

Other effective trends and technologies to consider include interactive videos, virtual reality videos & 360 videos just to name but a few.


These are three practical and proven strategies that anyone can use whether they are just starting out or have been in the business for some time. So, whether you are just joining the industry or already in it and would want to acquire new or additional commercial clients for your video production business, go ahead and build your network, form strategic alliances, and invest in advanced video technologies and trends. These strategies will help you land more of the clients you want.

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