Drag-n-Drop Email Editor for SaaS apps

Boost your application with drag-n-drop email editor enabling your customers to create beautiful responsive emails fast!
Save your money and time on development!

Ultimate customization of Stripo Plugin for your clients or for your business


Create emails easily in a friendly interface with no HTML skills and export in 2 clicks.


Embedded automation tools to make emails fast: photo and banner editors, smart elements, etc.


Add your own controls like merge tags, configure emails autosave, connect your custom storage, etc.


Start using a free Stripo plugin for any purpose in your solution.

How it works

You embed Javascript into your application and it works on your platform like component. It receives HTML + CSS and returns back HTML +

 CSS after modification. All server components are deployed on our side. And there is an option to keep some components like pictures, modules, 

etc. on your side.

1 Create application

Get registered and fill-in basic info to initialize plugin.

Set up configuration

Fine-tune plugin for your business needs.


Get code

Paste integration-ready code into your web.

Pricing Policy


Video Remix Package
$ 0
  • List Item #2


Video Remix Package
$ 100 Monthly
  • List Item #2


Video Remix Package
$ 550 Monthly
  • List Item #2


Video Remix Package
$ Custom Monthly
  • List Item #2

Unique emails* created/edited monthly





Additional cost per email, $



Maximum image storage

30 GB

200 GB



Additional storage: cost per 100 GB

+ $10 monthly

Timer block, monthly views

1 000

500 000

10 000 000

20 000 000

Library of modules

Stock images

Merge tags

Basic blocks

Merge tags

Basic blocks

HTML editor

Сustom UI styles

Custom fonts

Custom controls in basic blocks

Custom blocks creation

Timer block

Display Conditions

Autosaving function

Advanced controls**


Stripo Branding remova


Ability to deploy all server components of PLUGIN on your side

* Each unique created/edited email has its unique «Email ID» (EID). While initializing editor you send EIDs to our system and it is calculating amount of unique EIDs during the billing period.

** Advanced controls manage sophisticated features of editor. Features examples: hide/unhide email elements on mobile, smart features, inversion on mobile, alignment on mobile, etc.

*** Believe our experience its more than enough, but if not let's chat for a special rate!


Frequently Asked Questions

Plugin (embedded Javascript) receives HTML + CSS while its initialization and returns HTML + CSS after modification to your application. All server components are deployed on our side. It is possible to customize styles, integrate your own components, transfer own custom fonts or merge tags, or connect your own storage for hosting images.

Create and configure the application in the «Plugin» menu of your account. You will get FREE subscription by default. You can always upgrade your subscription to get more features without any agreement conducted.

Stripo software upgrades are using the latest deployment techniques to keep plugin’s work stable.

Plugin (embedded Javascript) receives HTML + CSS while its initialization and returns HTML + CSS after modification to your application. All server components are deployed on our side. It is possible to customize styles, integrate your own components, transfer own custom fonts or merge tags, or connect your own storage for hosting images.

Stripo has been built by using cutting-edge technology and designed for different business scale from startups to large email service providers. We guarantee Stripo performance while your Saas is growing.

When choosing the most suitable subscription, the system will request payment data for processing a recurring subscription with a 1 month frequency. The subscription will be considered active when the first successful payment is made. Then the system will automatically renew the subscription for a new period, withdraw the set amount every month.

PayPal and VISA / Mastercard bank cards automatic payment methods are available. If you want to make a bank transfer payment, please email us at contact@stripo.email. Please note in case of bank transfer the whole year payment must be made at once.

If there is an error in automatic withdrawing for the next payment, you will receive a notification. Within 7 days, the system will make several retry attempts. In case of failure, the subscription of your application will be automatically downgraded to FREE, and the customized paid options will be deactivated.

Display conditions allow you to choose what content elements of the email to show to recipients, depending on whether the specified condition on your end is met or not.

This option is required when you want to segment your contact base to show certain email elements to men, others to women, or segment contacts based on geographical location, marital status.
The Display Conditions option saves time on email production: Your users build just one email. The biggest part of it is shared, i.e. meant for everyone: men, women, and those who have not shared with you their gender preferences yet. Other email elements are meant specifically for men, women, and those who have not set their gender. All these elements are stored in one email. However, the Display Conditions option will show these elements respectively. Women will see the elements meant for women only and the shared part of the email. Men will see the email element meant for men, and the shared email elements also.

Your users can set conditions manually in the editor or select them from a list of predefined conditions set earlier. For more information, please refer to our blog post.

In the documentation for plugin configuration or in your account in the «Plugin» menu.

Yes, it is possible to deploy everything on your side. We name this «Enterprise subscription». In order to obtain it, please, request a quote. Final propo

Are there any questions or do you think there is a lack of flexibility in the functionality?

Please, describe your needs to us. Our team of professionals will find the 

best solution for you.


Guaranteed SAFE Checkout by Stripe. We use SSL encryption to protect your personal information, including your credit card information.


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