Simplified New Way to Create Marketing Videos Online (2017)

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Just how do you get a consumer or your audience to pay attention to your product or service in this time and age? No doubt the answer lies in marketing, but can traditional marketing hack it? The correct answer is NO.

Consumers’ minds keep changing year after year. A lot is being thrown at us nowadays and for a consumer to pick out your product or service over the competitor’s or pay attention to it, you need to be exceptionally compelling; you need to put up something that will invoke their interest and turn them into consumers of your product/service.

Video is a fast rising medium of choice with massive potential to achieve just that. Marrying it with personalization technology takes that to a whole new level. Here’s where the trick lies: humans, in general, get attracted to things that are specially targeted and tailored for them; we crave personal experiences.

So the end result of this combination is what we call personalized videos. And this could be the only locked gap between you and success. Well, you could be wondering what exactly are personalized videos? We’ll find that out in a few minutes and thereafter look at how to make a marketing video that is personalized.

Personalized Videos

Put simply, this is a concept that lets marketers merge video content with personal information such as name, email and other information specific to the targeted viewer for a really customized content experience.

Think of it: seeing your name, email, and image laced into a short video inviting you to sample a new service or product and complete with all the information you need to make a decision. In an era of information overload, this is a savvy way to get a person to really listen to you.

Recognizing that this set of content is for me and relevant to my needs is what leads to increased conversions. And personalized videos will help you achieve that.

Making Marketing Videos

Boring marketing videos count among the top reasons why business fail. Yes, you could be working your fingers to the bone to create marketing videos but if their impact is low and they can’t grab a person’s attention, your effort is as good as wasted.

However, the possibilities of re-captivating your audience, turning them into customers and raising your sales once again are truly endless.  Whether you are selling products/services, running an e-commerce business, working with local businesses, or engaged in affiliate marketing campaigns, personalized marketing videos promise a different result: increased conversions and sales.

In fact, you can personalize any video in under a minute. This means each of your targeted viewers will have information specific to them, from their name to email to pictures laced into the video content within 60 seconds.

How To Create A Marketing Video And Personalize It

It’s really simple. First off, grab the audio and video, import it into the video making software and proceed to add creative elements to it. Next, personalize it. This means tagging sections of the video and customizing it with the name, email address or image personalization. Don’t forget to add a clickable call-to-action. This will encourage your viewers to take action.

Great, you are almost done. Now, deliver your message. What else could keep a person glued to their screen than information they feel they had a role in its creation?

A great video making software integrates with almost all top marketing platforms from Aweber to MailChimp to LeadPages to WordPress and many others.  So you could send out your message using any of the top email providers or you could embed the video on your site or landing page to function as a lead magnet. This is where click-through rates, conversions, and sales get a raise.

Long rendering times are no doubt a turn-off and fortunately, this is never going to be part of your process when the software uses a cloud-based system.

So next, let’s find out what personalized videos can do to your results.

What Personalized Video Marketing Will Do To Your Results

Just to show you how big video as a medium is, back in April 2015, the number of videos being played daily on Facebook alone totaled up to 4 billion. Come September the same year, the number had doubled to a whopping 8 billion views.  With such a trend, it’s only a few years before streaming of video content takes over almost all of the internet traffic.

Video converts better than any other content type and a survey by Demand Metric, a Danish firm, has proof of that. Let’s take a brief look at what to expect when you personalize your marketing video.

Increased Conversions: A video software that can pull info from Facebook when you are logged in and use it to create a personalized video is exactly what you need right now. Enticing your viewers to unlock that personalized video soon after subscribing is sure to result in high Facebook ad funnel conversions.  So, if you intend to extend your video marketing strategy to this platform, this presents a huge potential you will not want to pass up.

Opt-ins, as well as lead magnets, also borrow the same concept: enticing your visitors to unlock an individualized video soon after subscribing. Just like in Facebook, this will result in high conversions.

Increased Sales: Personalization has been shown to increase conversions and so when you pair that up with video, the result is obvious: increased sales. Marketers who have utilized personalized video marketing have reported an average of 20% increase in sales.  Extending this to email marketing has also been shown to increase click-through-rates and conversion rates by more than 10%.

If you proceed to apply this across different platforms, the click through rate has the potential to rise up to an average of 985%. This perhaps explains why even Playboy and Redbull have not been left behind in the uptake of this concept. You can create marketing video online too and join them.

Final Thoughts

Are you a marketer looking to stay relevant? Or are you a business with an ambition to increase your sales and take your business to the next level? Great, this is the right time to create marketing video online. Make personalization tactics part of your operational strategy.

Competition is no doubt set to be fiercer as we move into the future. And most businesses and marketers want to be on top of things so as to stand out.

So, are you ready to adopt personalized videos into your marketing strategy and take your business or marketing career to a whole new level? We’d love to be part of your journey. Meet the Video Remix software.


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