Creative Corporate Video Ideas: What It Takes To Stand Out

creative corporate video ideas

Every marketing agent today knows that video is the way to capture your audience’s attention, but the words “corporate video” can feel like the opposite of inspiring.

But they don’t have to invoke the sense of dull, boring dread that usually come to mind when thinking of this media type.

With the right creative corporate video ideas, your videos can be total game-changers.

The Essential Pieces

To create one of the best corporate videos that re-invents and re-imagines the old ways of video marketing, the following components are essential:

  • Easy-to-Follow Logic
    While it’s great to make your audience think, they shouldn’t be left wondering what happened. Whether you’re pushing for an emotional response or hoping to teach an informative lesson, your viewer needs to be able to follow your logic.
  • Personalized Parts
    As a brand, you must accept that every video you make will not resonate with every customer. We’ll all human, and all humans have different styles, tastes, and desires.

    The best way capture all of this variety in the most creative corporate videos is to use personalization. Personalized video will help you adjust your content in a way that draws your audience in be it by using their name, their taste, or their favorite music.
  • Embrace Different Media Styles – But Stick To It
    Some marketers will be quick to tell you that flat vectors are in; others will push the focus towards the new media generation.

    The truth is that every brand will have a media style that will fit them best. The key isn’t choosing one specific style, but rather, sticking to that style. If you go for cinematic, make sure every shot is perfectly balanced. If you want retro, keep the timeline consistent.
  • Be Authentic And Genuine
    You’re likely to find this advice in every article about awesome corporate videos, and that’s because it’s the core point you cannot skip.

    Be honest in your video. Show the truth and genuine character behind your brand. Accept the story that your brand has to tell, and stick to it. The consumers that are right for your message will find this enticing.

The Puzzle In Action

It’s easy to read words about creative corporate video ideas; it’s harder to see what these pieces look like in action. These five videos below demonstrate the necessary qualities so that you can make the best corporate video your brand has ever produced!

#1: Volvo Trucks

Why it works: This video uses a cinematic style to tell the story of Volvo Trucks and how well they run. The cinematic feel is a parallel for how well the product works. The scenery is beautiful; the truck is beautiful. By letting the imagery do the work and sticking to that simple message, the product shines, quite literally, in the sunset.

#2: FMC Technologies

Why it works: This creative example gives voice to the authenticity of the brand, FMC Technologies, by using real employees and their very real messages. They don’t joke about how hard it can be, but they paint a picture of a brotherhood that carries the message of FMC. Every viewer can follow this message, get the point, and maybe, be inspired to join the crew.

#3: Zendesk

Why it works: This video capitalizes on something every single potential customer has experience with: relationships. 

It’s easy to follow that this video is comparing romantic relationships to business relationships and, thus, it does a great job of highlighting that even with bumps along the way, Zendesk will be there to help make things work. This authentic message uses logic to show off the product.

#4: Squatty Potty

Why it works: This is one of the most creative corporate videos of all time, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t weird and maybe a little bit uncomfortable. But that is part of the beauty of this commercial.

Talking about bathroom habits is bound to be a bit weird. Squatty Potty embraces how uncomfortable that moment can be and shares their product in a meaningful, humorous way that isn’t completely disgusting.

#5: Colu

Why it works: Digital currency is on the rise, but understanding how digital currency would work in a local community can be a hard concept to grasp.

Colu, however, does a great job of personalizing the concept of digital money in a way that every viewer can apply to their hometown. Understanding the product is easier, and the personable style of this corporate video makes it one of the best.



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