How to Generate More Leads for Business (3 Concepts You Need to Master)

how to generate more leads

Every marketer wants to know that one secret to astounding lead generation success. The reality is, however, that in the ever-shifting digital landscape of today’s B2B and B2C marketing world, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for successful lead generation strategies.

Because each business is unique, you’ll want to investigate for yourself how to generate more leads for your individual type of business and clientele. There are dozens of resources available online to learn more about how to generate leads, and to help you get started, we've distilled a range of that advice into three of the most comprehensive, high-level, and innovative lead generation strategies.

1. Offer Value

Among the most common recommendations from marketers across spectrums is that distinguishing your business through thought leadership versus promotions will keep customers coming back to you. A Forrester stat claims that consumers can be up to 90% through their buying process before they ever even come into contact with the vendor.

This means that in order to bring consumers through your proverbial doors, a surefire method for getting more leads starts with generating the information your consumer needs. You can achieve this through a number of platforms, including white papers, product information or how-to videos, webinars and online courses, and more.

Since another source shows as many as 87% of B2B decision-makers browse online before purchasing anything, positioning your business as the reliable source to which they come will increase your traffic and build important trust (read on to see why!).

This video does a great job of highlighting the practical value their product brings to the potential client.

2. Build a Relationship

Another proven method for improving lead generation is one that pays attention to the stages of the consumer life cycle. Is your lead researching, considering, or ready to buy? Wherever they are in the life cycle, reaching out and connecting with them provides an element of nurture that will build loyalty and trust. Marketing Sherpa reports that lead nurturing gives businesses a 45% increase in ROI over those who don’t utilize it.

These days, because of the above-mentioned stats regarding consumers’ control over research and information, outbound marketing needs a ‘wow’ factor in order to stand out from the inundating choices swirling around in the digital marketing sphere. Video personalization works as a simple and effective tool for many of these consumer life cycle stages, as it allows you to transition that growing trust to an automated – but still personal – means of engagement.

A report from Accenture reveals that 81% of consumers prefer that brands get to know them so they can understand the best times to offer ads. A relationship like this comes about over time, through offering value, interacting as personally as possible with the lead, and allowing them the ability to choose through your marketing methods.

3. Craft Your Content

We talked about the importance of inbound marketing already – the consumers are doing the research themselves, and are more educated about your products and competitors than ever before, so the crucial takeaway from this fact is a reminder to make your content the best possible.

Don’t neglect common methods like lead magnets, CTAs, and email marketing, but consider how these elements integrate into a cohesive offering from your brand. After analyzing many of the top studies on the most effective lead generation strategies, one website found the four best platforms to use are email, SEO, social media, and content marketing.

For the answer to how to get more leads, ensure your landing pages are highly focused and relevant to their targeted leads, and don’t be afraid to experiment and constantly refine your SEO and your online content so that your attempts to offer value and build relationships with your leads will have the greatest success.

Final Thoughts

How you use a lead generation channel, from social media and email marketing to SEO and content marketing, is ultimately more important than which one you use, because leveraging the tool efficiently will make consumers pay attention to your brand. Are you building a coherent brand and offering consumers valuable information through a trustworthy relationship, or are you bombarding people with ads they don’t care about and didn’t ask for?

As you research and fine-tune how to generate more leads for your own business, integration of these varying lead generation channels is key to success – social media might not have the highest ROI for you, but, for example, by integrating personalized videos into social media, you might see interest from previously untapped channels.

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