How to Get Clients for Digital Marketing (3 Innovative Strategies)

People are the most important part of any business, right? From your employees to your clients to your leads, your own marketing efforts for your digital marketing agency should revolve first and foremost around the people. When you’re looking for ways to get new digital marketing clients, focusing on the value your company provides to people will take you far.

We’ve put together three of the most effective ways to get clients for your digital marketing business, so that when it comes time for you to apply your marketing skills to your own company, you’re set up for success.

1. Cultivate Relationships

Since we’re on the subject of keeping people first, a primary way to do that is to cultivate the relationships with your current clients as much as possible. Trustworthiness factors high into consumer decision-making, so being able to build from the loyalty of your current clients for referrals adds an important level of reliability to your marketing efforts.

Thus, one of the easiest ways to get new digital marketing clients is to strengthen and build existing relationships to open doors to new ones. To do this, you could even consider creating a referral program in which current clients are rewarded in some way for recommending your company to others. Whatever the means of nurturing your current client base, you’ll want to make sure it’s done in a way that adds significant value to them.

2. Be a Thought Leader

While this phrase is somewhat of a buzzword these days, the enormous amount of information available on the internet for consumers means that it’s important to find ways to distinguish your business from others. Not only does it add value to those current clients we’ve just been talking about, producing a regular stream of articles or videos relevant to your industry has the potential to boost your SEO and drive traffic to your website.

A creative way to distinguish yourself as a thought leader is to not just attend events or conferences in your field, but to see if you can become one of the panelists or speakers. Not only does this have the potential to draw great attention to your company, it automatically establishes a personal connection of authority in your field with the people in attendance at the event.

3. Offer New Services

When you strategize how to find clients for digital marketing, another top recommendation  that we see consistently is to seek out new services that you can offer to your clients. If you can conduct any data analysis or stay up to date on industry statistics, you can keep adapting your offerings to match what your customers are looking for.

For instance, while its value for businesses may still be up for debate, offering social media management to your digital marketing clients can help legitimize their professional presence on these vital platforms. Or, if you’re interested in landing a particular client but worry that their needs are outside your range of services, consider offering a partnership with other niche agencies to provide deeper value that you might not be able to alone.

Another innovative and cutting-edge technology service you can easily offer to your digital marketing clients is video personalization, which combines all the elements we’ve been discussing in this post: putting people first, building trust and brand loyalty, and staying current with industry trends. In fact, video’s effectiveness in marketing is such that Adobe reported over 50% of world-wide marketing professionals name it as the most ROI-friendly content.

Final Thoughts

So when it comes to ideas for how to get clients for digital marketing, remember to prioritize people, whether that’s through fostering relationships and adding value to your current clients, interacting with leads in significant ways through thought leadership, or offering innovative and creative new services to your clients.
And here’s our not-so-secret tip: of all these important suggestions, we think marketing through video personalization offers such a fantastic combination of all these ideas that it’s the one worth investing in now if you’re looking for ways to get new digital marketing clients.

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