How to Grow a Digital Agency

how to grow a digital agency

If you own one, chances are you want it to be better than it is right now. But what are the secrets? Well, it’s been said a dozen times that success has no defined path and that’s true.

You may have borrowed a few tips and strategies that seemed to work for other businesses and applied them to your business but unfortunately, none of them bore any fruit. Or you may be stuck wondering which direction to take to grow your digital agency.

Whichever the case, we’ve got you covered. But before going any further, here’s something to note. In growing your agency, always go for processes with the potential to boost your stability and profitability.

There are specific business practices that have time and again exhibited massive potential to fuel the expansion and success of a young business hungry for success. Our research narrowed down to the most potent practices and today, we expose them to you.

Understand Your Target Audience

A few years ago, a report from Harris Interactive and Domus revealed fascinating things about executives of large companies. It turned out that many of them consider it extremely important that an ad agency understands their client’s objectives, aligns with them, and thinks constantly thinks about their needs.

What this simply means is that as a digital agency, it’s upon you to have a reasonable amount of clarity about the audience’s profile. Get to know their strength, weakness, and everything else that matters when it comes to tailoring a proper solution for them.

Remember, the only way to stay relevant and appeal to an audience is by being engaging, interesting, and rewarding. Other than earning long-term clients, such responsible creativity will bring you repeat business.

If your clients see that you truly understand their goals and everything else they are all about, they will certainly consider employing you to handle their advertising work.

Lastly, as an ad agency, come up with a profile describing your ideal client. This should include things like what services they want, how much they invest in marketing, the company size, industry, and so on. This way, it will be easier to position yourself as the best fit for them, based on their needs and expectation, of course.

Hire the most Talented Employees

There’s a lot to gain when you invest heavily in the hiring process. Your clients are going to have extreme orders, some will be highly reputable, and your best bet to ensuring that you tackle everything with utmost precision lies in you having a highly skilled and competent workforce.

Admittedly, your agency’s reputation, growth, as well as ROI relies partly on how good your workforce is at what they do. As a growing digital agency, hiring a top-notch professional presents an opportunity for great success.

However, hiring people with great skills and competencies alone isn’t enough. Their personality matters, too. Obviously, you will want to get along easily with your employees and here’s where personality comes in.

Challenges will always be there and solving them will require, among other things, cooperation from your employees. If they have a great personality, you will have it smooth running your agency even in the face of ugly challenges.

Unfortunately, it’s an impossible mission trying to change a person’s personality and that’s a mistake you don’t wish to make.

Differentiation Services

Competitive advantage can be achieved in many ways but one that has stood out is differentiation services. Differentiation itself is a marketing strategy many businesses have used to set their services apart by choosing to focus on the distinct attributes.

To survive today’s cut-throat competition, you must differentiate as this will easily get the customer’s attention. The truth is, many businesses have plenty of digital agencies competing for their attention and their choice will probably be based on differences, explicit and implicit.

Offering trendy digital marketing services in marketing such as video personalization can help you differentiate. Showing its massive potential to a prospective client is a sure way to pique their curiosity and convert them into clients. This can as well double up as a value-added service.


You can as well offer a number of possible options to your potential clients and let them choose whatever they like.

Be Upfront About Your Policies & Processes

Sceptical about what they are getting into, some businesses often make the decision not to take the risk. A potential client could easily bypass your digital agency due to lack of transparency.

For instance, failure to mention the pricing models, policies, and processes could work to your disadvantage. Almost every area of business has its policies and process, and communicating the important ones to potential clients helps to build trust and interest.

In this time and age, it really matters to potential clients knowing how your business works and makes its profits.  Unknown to many, this could also be an opportunity to explain to your potential clients what to expect.

Also, not so many businesses know a lot about digital marketing and failing to communicate to them what to expect could lead to you handling unrelated tasks. But if you do, you’ll have it easier managing your work and maximising on the product or services you offer.

Growing your digital agency certainly involves a lot but these four tips stand out as the most profound due to their productiveness. If you focus on each and correctly apply them to your agency, chances are pretty high you will stand out in today’s competitive market and more importantly, experience more success.  

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