How To Make A Product Video That Gets Killer Results (Updated 2017)

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Whether you’re brand new to the concept or have some marketing experience, making product videos can seem like an incredibly daunting task.

What does it need to include? How long should it be? These are just some of the questions that you have when you want to make a product video that successfully connects with your audience.

To create a product video that gets killer results, there are few things to remember to efficiently succeed. Here are 4 of the most important tips you need to know.

Grab Attention Immediately

It’s generally accepted knowledge that you have less than 12 seconds to get a viewer’s attention when they start watching a video. Once they make it through these critical moments, they are likely to stick around to the end of the video.

But how can you get a viewer to stay for 12 seconds? You make each second impacting, interesting, and unforgettable.

But that doesn’t sound so easy, does it?

This video from Amazon Web Services gives you a quick overview of what they can offer before “rewinding” to give a more in-depth explanation.

This is just one example of how you can grab attention by providing a solution first. Then, show your clients how to get to that solution after their interest is already hooked.

Think about the key problem that your viewers face. What image and message will help them connect your product with the solution they need? Open your product video with this message that you are part of this solution, and they’ll keep watching.

“Going Viral” Is Not Everything

It can be tempting for someone looking for quick, impacting results to try to create some product video that will go viral. Just imagine it: your business would explode, clients would be popping up left and right, and you’d never have to make another product video, right?


Your aim with a product video is not to go viral. In fact, going viral has a lot more to do with luck than any real effort on your part.

Your product video’s purpose should be to convey to potential clients that you have the tools that they need to solve the issues that have been plaguing them.

A Short, Sweet Script

Short Is Good

Remember this: short & sweet. It’s an old adage but a true one. Shorter product videos convert better than longer ones. The sweet spot is at two minutes or less.

Don’t get caught up in the idea that you have to introduce every feature and benefit of using your product. Stick to the three most important, problem-solving features that your client needs. Focus on these details. The rest can come later.

Sweet & Authentic

Your script is the most important part of your product video.

Many people get caught up in the technical aspects, worrying about video quality and other factors, without realizing that without a strong script, nothing else will matter.

You know your business and what problems you can solve for potential clients better than anyone else, so you should be creating the structure of your script.

Even if you use a copywriter to make your language zippier, every word needs to live and breath your company’s message. Only your input and direction can help make that happen.

Write a script that introduces the key problem your potential clients face, the main way your product solves those problems, and a call-to-action that encourages them to convert to long-term clients that love your business.

Keep Learning

There are hundreds of well-researched studies about the latest in product video marketing. The thought of reading all of that information should not scare you; it should excite you!

Marketing with product videos is constantly developing. By implementing the latest knowledge, you’ll be able to see results double, triple, and more.

One great way to learn how to make a product video is through webinars. Our webinar, How to Increase Conversions Through Video, focuses on real tactics that have helped companies succeed. These case studies and following discussions can help you find a way to fix the conversion problem your previous product videos have not solved.

After All, Time Is Money…

Time is a key part of whether or not you will succeed in business. Take the time to learn from those who have experience, and you won’t regret the effort put into making a product video ever again.

By joining a webinar with the latest intel, you’ll learn how to make a product video that brings in results that will have your competition scrambling to catch up!

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