How To Make A Whiteboard Video (By Following These 3 Steps)

how to make a whiteboard video

In the video marketing world, it’s important to stay in the know of any trends that are currently taking place. Doing so will allow you to remain relevant and in the center of people’s attention, but failing to keep up with this ever-changing industry will see you quickly getting pushed to the wayside. Whiteboard video production is quickly becoming one of the most widely used types of videos in the marketing world, so today we’ll teach you how to make a whiteboard video.

First off, just what is a whiteboard video?

A whiteboard video is pretty much what it sounds like — a clip of a whiteboard and someone writing on it (sometimes with a voice over) in order to provide viewers with information on a company or teaching them how to do something. It’s a style of video that’s been picking up a lot of steam recently, and here’s how to make one!

1. Make your video by hand

There are a lot of whiteboard videos out there, but if you really pay attention to the ones that have already been created, you’ll see that the best whiteboard videos are often ones that have been hand-drawn.

The actual process for doing this is quite simple. All you need is a camera, tripod, marker, and a whiteboard (obviously). Position your camera over the whiteboard with the help of your tripod, and then start writing/drawing whatever it is you’re going to be talking about in that video.

If you do decide to go this route, understand that you’ll need to have some artistic skills. You don't necessarily need to have the same talent as Picasso, but being more proficient in this area will certainly make your hand-drawn whiteboard videos a lot more appealing and interesting.

Once you’ve got the video recorded, move your clip to a video editor to add that stuttery look that gives whiteboard videos their unique characteristic and visual appeal. Additionally, if the position of your camera recorded the table or anything else around you, this is the place to crop your shot so that your viewers only see the whiteboard and nothing else.

This is quite easy, and can usually be applied by simply increasing the playback speed of your video file.

how to make a whiteboard video 2. Use whiteboard video software

If drawing really isn’t your thing, there’s still hope for you yet! Believe it or not, there are a ton of whiteboard video companies that provide users with software to make whiteboard videos entirely online. The affordability of these services varies by provider, but there’s a healthy mix of options that are both free and ones that require some form of payment.

Opting to go this route is beneficial for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s extremely time-efficient. No need to break out a tripod, camera, and drawing tools here. Simply hop onto your computer, find software that works for you, and you can have something put together within a matter of minutes.

Along with this, you’ve got a lot of companies and services to choose from. Each creation platform comes with its own unique look and set of tools to play with, so if you don't like the way your video turns out with one service, you can simply move to a different one and create something there. Plus, thanks to the simplistic nature of most of these services, anyone can hop in and start making videos in no time at all.

As easy and efficient as this method is, the biggest downside is that people will be able to tell that your video was digitally made. The visual appearance of these videos has gotten considerably better over time, but if you want that truly authentic look and feel, you still can’t beat doing it by hand.

3. Hire someone to draw for you

Let’s say you don’t have any drawing skills, are running short on time, and/or don’t like the look of whiteboard videos made via online software. If this is the case, it’s always possible to hire someone else to do the drawing for you.

Whether that be a friend or someone who does this sort of creative work for a living, there are people out there who are willing to make this sort of content for you — that is, for a price.

You might be able to work out a deal with someone you know, but be aware that there are professional drawers out there that charge around USD $500 per hour to work on whiteboard videos.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you’ve got three main routes to choose from when it comes to figuring out how to make a whiteboard video. One of these isn’t necessarily better than the other, as the one that’s the best for you will be determined by your time, talent, and budget. One thing’s for certain though: Whiteboard videos are huge and the time to jump on the bandwagon is now.

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