3 Simple Steps to Follow as You Learn How to Make Quality Videos

how to make quality videos

We’ve all cringed when viewing a video that just lacks a few essential things. Sometimes the elements of a quality video aren’t obvious, like subtle changes to lighting or angles. Sometimes, though, the flaws stand out a mile away, and are easily corrected with a little effort.

To ensure that you know how to make quality videos every time, we’ve put together a simple list of materials. Some are necessities for any video, while the “next level” ones will help you improve on what’s already a good thing.

1. Equipment.

Necessary: “Lights, camera, action!” anyone? These words are our common cultural association with filmmaking for good reason. The equipment needed for making videos ranges vastly in price and quality, and for the average person often all that’s really necessary is a smartphone, natural light, and a quiet environment.

If you stick with the basics and think about how to make high quality videos, you’ll want to pay attention to aspects like image stability, what angle your light is coming from, and how clearly your audio is being recorded.

Next Level: As you think about how to make video quality better, upgrading your equipment is a natural first step. Investing in a camera and studio lighting isn’t cheap, but if making videos is integral to your business or lifestyle, the difference in quality will be worth the investment.

2. Software.

Necessary: As you learn how to make high quality videos, another essential component is the video editing software you use. No video is complete without at least some basic editing, and the video editing software that comes included with many laptops today will suffice in many cases. Consider taking tutorials about how to use the software if it’s your first time diving in, so you can get the most out it when you sit down to edit.

Setting yourself measurable goals with editing will keep you on track, because this is often the part of the project where the life slowly seeps out. There will always be more you can do to edit a video, so if you set yourself a deadline and stick to it, you’ll ensure you come away with a finished product, even if it’s not 100% perfect.

Next Level: If you’re creating your video for a specific purpose such as marketing a product to a niche clientele, consider enhancing your videos with elements like personalization or interactivity. Adding these features to your videos will take them beyond what the average person with a smartphone can do, but the best part is that they’re not at all complicated or expensive to add.

3. Planning.

Necessary: Answering the 5 W’s – who, what, where, when, and why – will get you set in a solid starting place as you plan out how to make quality videos. Who is my audience? Who will be my cast? What is the message of my video? Where will I film the shots? Where will my equipment come from? When will I be able to shoot? When will I be able to edit and complete the video? Why will the format of a video uniquely convey my message?

While answering some of these questions may seem simplistic, the more thoroughly you’ve thought through all the potential aspects of how to make high quality videos, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time for the actual filming.

Next Level: Storyboarding each scene, with detailed notes on lighting, audio, script, and camera angles, has the potential to make the filming and editing process quicker. This front-end work will be time-consuming, however, so depending on your intentions for the finished product, you can let the filming process proceed with some spontaneity, taking what you get, or you can control the outcome of the video more carefully.

Final Thoughts

Finally, don’t forget about the release of your video! Obviously you’ve put your resources of time and money and effort into your video project for a reason, so give it the life it deserves by uploading it to YouTube and sharing it as widely as possible, considering the appropriate audience.

This guide provides you with some simple first steps and ideas for upgrades as you research how to make quality videos, and as you keep making videos and learning about the nuances of the process, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.


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