How to Market A Video Production Company

The next big thing after setting up your video company is figuring out how to get it off of the ground. Understandably, it’s a struggle for many trying to reach an eager audience. The good old days when one could simply throw an advert in the Yellow Pages and dozens of calls would follow later are long gone.

In fact, for a video production company reaching a wider audience demands more than creating a clever online presence. Video remains one of the most powerful yet untapped media today and if you can show its marvelous potential to your target audience, you will be setting yourself up for greater things.

Speaking of target audiences, your first mission really should be determining who your customers are going to be. It’s in fact an essential component of any video production company business plan. Knowing who your target is will put you in a position to identify the right topic that will certainly speak to their personal interests and inspire them to pay attention to what you intend to offer.

So, here are the two most important steps in learning how to market a video production company.

Step 1: Know Your Customer(s) First

Before getting started, every video production company should be clear on what type of videos they intend to do. Keep in mind that each video calls for a different style, technique, and overall approach. You can narrow down on one type or several depending on your skill set and resources.

That said, we’ve sampled the different clients from different industries that you should consider while marketing your video production company.

Corporate clients

Businesses use video more today than ever for different purposes. With increased digitization, no company wants to be left behind in this wave and if you show them your potential and what they can gain from it, they will certainly consider your services. Apart from general corporate videos, other videos types you will be expected to create for them include culture videos, presentation videos, event videos, PowerPoint videos, and so on.


Video has shaped up today’s marketing to the point that the success of serious marketing campaigns depend on it. Also, a huge section of online users embrace video a lot than other forms of content online and this has largely contributed to its success. Marketers and advertisers might require different types of videos, including promotional videos, testimonials, product reviews, and the many other video types that one can use to promote or market their product.

Entertainment industry

get customers for video production companyWell-known clients in this industry include those from the television and the movie sectors. Clients from the travel, wedding, and events sectors could also require videos for different purposes. Please note that entertainment can take so many forms and so, it depends on how flexible and creative you are to adapt to them. Music videos, wedding videos, event videos, and travel videos are just but few of the many videos you can expect to encounter in this large industry


The majority of the videos most organizations ask for include trainer videos, how-to’s, infomercials, explainer videos, and educational videos just to name but a few. Such videos are aimed at giving the viewer information that will help them do certain tasks properly, achieve a particular goal, or make the right decisions.

Step 2: Reach out to your Clients

One thing to remember while marketing a video production company is that thousands of other similar companies are competing for the same audience as you. So, for your potential clients to find and consider you, you must stand out and put in all the effort you can to make yourself available to them.

Obviously, you will want to target those within your region first. And a great way to do this is to seek expert help on local search engine optimization. Distance matters, and if your potential clients see that they can access your business quickly, they will be more than willing to seek you out.

But even as you do so, ensure your website, social media profiles, and other online platforms have all the important information your audience will require to make a decision. Employ the best marketing practices and make yourself as unique as possible in order to stand out from the competitors.

Alternatively, you can choose to reach out to your clients by going at them first. Some of the proper ways to do this include:

  • Cold emailing/pitching – There are plenty of detailed resources online on how to do this properly. Pitching to potential clients has time and again demonstrated to be an effective way of getting new clients in just about any industry.
  • Word of Mouth – Encourage your current and previous clients to pass their experience to their family and friends. If you do a stellar job and word goes round that your services are competitive, more customers will certainly come your way.
  • Networking events – Conferences, conventions, talks, get-togethers, etc. that fall within your niche are great places to talk to people and mention  your services to them.

Final Thoughts

By now, you’ve probably learnt a lot about how to market a video production company. Please note that a proper business plan for a video production company should be very clear about everything we’ve just mentioned. And more important for you to keep in mind is that people love quality work. If you are able to produce it, prospective clients in your niche will see your potential and consider hiring you.

On top of that, those who’ve worked with you before will also keep coming back and share their experiences with business partners, friends, and family. In the end, you will be able to take your video production company to a whole new level.

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