How to Sell Video Production Services with 6 No-Fail Methods

how to sell video production services

All good marketing is ultimately rooted in storytelling. And as we’re all are realizing now, storytelling through video is one of today's most compelling growth areas for marketers and entrepreneurs. So if you’re getting started in the video production industry, you need your storytelling roots to have room to flourish so your business can grow. That’s why we’re taking time today to discuss how to market a video production company effectively.  

Marketing your video production company doesn’t have to be complicated. Though many video production companies do rely on word of mouth marketing, don’t forget that a short video or two highlighting your own company and your skills will go a long way. After all, if you can show potential clients what you’re capable of doing for yourself, they’ll be better set up to understand what you can offer them.

Since video production as an industry covers a broad range of responsibilities, including script-writing, casting, supervising shoots, production scheduling, distributing and more, you’ll want to have clear communication about which of these you offer, which you specialize in and which you’d need to outsource. Your customers may want you to take charge of every single one of these, or they may have their own expertise in certain areas but need you to step in for others.  

And since these customers can vary – from small businesses looking for branding to larger corporations needing product explainer videos to companies who may not know what they need but just know they need video content – being able to convey your video production company’s capacities through your own marketing will ensure you grow at the pace appropriate to your business’s needs.

With that in mind, let’s look at six of the top strategies for marketing your video production company.

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1. Find a niche.

While you might be capable of creating a compelling video for any client, honing your area of expertise means you’ll eventually gain a reputation for doing one thing with excellence instead of many things mediocrely. This will take some research, but narrowing your focus will bring depth to your business.

Market research will be invaluable to you here, no matter where you are in your company’s history. Knowing who and what your competition is as well as where your clients spend their money and other resources will give you a huge leg up for marketing your video production company.

Why This Works: While it might seem like a good idea to market yourself to anyone and everyone who could ever need video production services, in reality you’ll find yourself spread thin and unfocused. Instead, finding a niche means you’ll be able to reach the right customers and provide them with the best service.

2. Go where people are.

Don’t overlook social media platforms and YouTube as your best friends for reaching people through video. According to a 2016 statistic from video analysts at Brightcove, video on social platforms generates up to 1,200% more shares than any combination of text and images alone. People engage content on social platforms every single day, so it’s a no-brainer place to start creating connections.  

It’s a great idea to see if you can leverage even just one positive client interaction for a referral or testimonial. One satisfied client’s referral can go far toward opening more doors in their industry or among their acquaintances.

Why This Works: People trust their friends and connections, so use these social platforms to reach out and connect through a friend. It becomes so much less about selling and so much more about building relationships this way.

3. Link up.

Similar to the previous point, put LinkedIn to work for you as you start making connections on social media. The entire point of this site is for professional connections, and you can even join niche-specific groups to foster connections and find targeted resources. It’s a natural avenue for networking and marketing opportunities.

Some people are born networkers and some hate it, but no matter where you fall, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for professional discovery. That friend who mentioned another friend who could use your services? Connect on LinkedIn as a no-brainer follow-up.

Why This Works: Again, similar to the above point, it’s all about a personal connection. The people in your network most likely comprise a much wider range than you can think of off the top of your head, which makes LinkedIn the perfect tool for keeping track of connections.

4. Make your services necessary.

By this we mean simply knowing how to answer your clients’ pain points or “problems” with your video production abilities. If you can craft a marketing message that speaks directly to those people in your niche, you’ll let them know how your services can can offer just what they need in a way they may not have been aware of before.

Consumers have the ability to do tons of online research before they ever approach you for work, so communicating your value is vital. Dive as deep as you can into the research those clients would be doing, so that you can know how to position your services for the people you want to be reaching.

Why This Works: Many people won’t even know they’re missing video production in their company’s marketing, but when you’re able to convey the value you can bring into their business through your own marketing messages, you’ll be well set up to earn interest, respect, and new clients.

5. Show off your speciality.

As you continue to deepen your knowledge about video production and how to sell video production services, you’ll enhance your marketability by being able to offer unique technical skills or services. Similar to finding your niche, making sure potential clients know that you’re certified in specific areas or can work with new technology will mean you see a big ROI for the resources you invest in learning.

As well, don’t underestimate the power of carefully chosen keywords and targeted SEO. Once you have done the work of specializing in a particular technology or niche, make sure your company’s name is associated with that niche by refining your keywords and SEO language.

Why This Works: If you’re just getting started in how to market a video production company, realistically, setting yourself apart from the crowd will take some strategy. It will be well worth it, however, when your name becomes associated with a particular specialization in video production.  

6. Get personal.

This leads us into a practical way to specialize: through personalization. As we opened with, marketing is storytelling, and storytelling has the most impact when it’s personal, right? Telling personal stories through your videos, whether your company’s or your customer’s stories, communicates your level of care and investment to your audience. This will let them know, in an engaging and meaningful way, what your company values and prioritizes.

Fortunately, with software that has the ability to seamlessly integrate personalization – like a customer’s name or image – into your marketing videos, gaining a corner on the market has never been easier. Once you’ve mastered a few basics of marketing a video production company, you can begin to reach wider audiences with specialized tools like personalization. Check out VideoRemix’s personalization software for an easy and effective way to start.

Why This Works: You’ll make your customers feel like they’re the sole focus of your business, and that’s a great asset when it comes to building that trust we’ve talked about. The best part about personalization software is that most of it can easily be automated, so even though your consumers will feel like they’re being personally interacted with by you, you don’t have to do the time-consuming work that would entail.

Final Thoughts

How to sell video production services doesn’t need to stress you out if you start putting the available technology to work for you. Knowing your niche, reaching people where they naturally engage, creating solutions to customers’ problems, and highlighting your speciality will help you on your way to successfully marketing your video production company.

And becoming a master of social and technological tools like professional networking and personalization software will enhance your abilities to stand out from the crowd and gain a reputation for your business as it grows.

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