How Videos Are Proving Beneficial For Real Estate Agent Marketing

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Real estate agent marketing is a business of trust, trust between the real estate agent and the buyer. Real estate videos make it possible to build trust through creating live displays of the value of real estate properties.

Commercial real estate marketing is a visual business and real estate agent marketing has gone beyond using still images to moving images. This creates a richer experience for the buyers. With real estate videos, information about a property can be passed across quickly. Real estate videos offer both the seller and buyer great benefits.

9 Benefits of Videos for Real Estate Agent Marketing

Here are some of the benefits of videos for real estate agent marketing

1. Video Boosts Engagement

There are many types of real estate videos, one of the most popular ones are video walk through. The video shows several parts of the building, from hallway and all of that, this gives the buyer a feel of the house. It feels as though the buyer is going through the house. This is creative real estate marketing at work and everyone reaps rewards.

2. Reach More Mobile Users

Creative real estate marketing will involve the use of YouTube for broadcasting videos especially to those on the go. Of course pictures can be viewed on the go, but videos offer a richer experience. YouTube is a veritable tool; real estate marketing companies are taking advantage of. And with it, a better listing on properties can be provided.

3. Generate More Leads

Well-made videos have a way of attracting the interest of would be buyers. And if a listing video is well made, people will always be willing to put down their contact details. Videos can be used as a tool for attracting leads. This will start the process of conversion.

4. Show Real Customer Experience

Every potential buyer wants to know what the previous buyers think about a product, same thing it is with real estate companies. Interview videos are available on several real estate companies, so this will give a view of their products.

How Videos Are Proving Beneficial For Real Estate Agent Marketing5. Generate Social Media Shares

Considering the fact that videos can be shared while other means of advertising might not necessarily be is good news.There are high chances that a video with strong impact will be shared, thus increasing your reach automatically.

If you are serious about your content, then you should be considering driving as much traffic to it over social media using a social media management company. The best way to achieve this is through sharing your content on various social media platforms.

6. Build Emotional Attachment

Quite unlike other forms of adverts, videos are very effective in building emotional attachment. That can be noticed from the way you don’t want to miss an advert when it comes to your favourite segment. Building emotional attachment is a key to stress free sales when engaging in real estate marketing. When a buyer gets emotionally attached to a product, a house in this case, the job is half way done already.

When trying to build emotional attachment of a piece of property in a buyer, you should focus more on the promises the property comes with and not just the general properties of the piece of property.

The choice of soundtrack is important in achieving this feat. Your video should be done in a way that the most promising part of the video coincides with very addictive sounds. Using quite addictive sounds such as the most beautiful part of a famous song is sure going to build emotional attachment.

7. Improve Website SEO

Videos are known to improve website SEO. The chances of receiving a higher ranking is 50 times higher with websites that have videos.

At the moment, not many real estate sites have discovered the efficacy of using videos to aid real estate marketing. This means you stand a large chance of getting more people to your real estate site if you your site has a video content.

8. Increase Conversions

It is quite common for companies to complain of people are visiting their sites a visit but not purchasing anything. If this also applies to you, then it is time to make a video for your real estate site.

Generally, people will always pick watching over reading. This is good news for real estate marketing companies that already have videos on their sites. Quite unlike reading through information, there is a much lower chance of an individual browsing through a video without
getting interested. If you are a real estate agent, then you can’t afford to miss out on this one.

There is a 70% chance that a buyer will buy a product after watching a video of the product.
Unlike other means of advertising such as facebook advertising, when a product video is clicked, the product is already on its way to being sold.

To completely take advantage of this particular benefit of video usage, ensure your videos are too long. Short and concise will do. There is a tendency for your video to get boring if it is long. Also, with shorter videos, chances of complete view which will lead to a completely passed message is very high.

Also, ensuring that the product remains the focus of the video is a very essential factor in increasing conversion.

9. Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Motivate

Watching pictures in motion is definitely entertaining, with the right graphics, videos will never appear boring. There are also very high chances of people getting inspired by what they see in a video.

Watching a video of a beautiful home will definitely inspire you to want to be successful so you can afford such.

The use of videos is a great real estate marketing idea. To get the best out of this trend, whatever video you intend to make should be meticulously prepared. If you’re not a professional at making videos, then you shouldn’t be in charge of making the video.

Getting a professional to shoot your video is the way forward. This will give you access to top notch cameras, proper lighting and also a good enough setup. It is important to bring extra attention to the part of the piece of property you want noticed. This can be done by zooming and pausing momentarily. Whatever you do, create an awesome video!

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