Top 4 Most Innovative Advertising Strategies (2017)

innovative advertising strategies

To survive in this time and age, a great business has to be innovative in its approach to significant business operations.

As you might have noted, competition is fiercer today than before. Consumer behavior is no longer what it used to be just years ago. And then there’s new technology shaking up the world; every great business is trying so hard to leverage this new developments and, more importantly, maintain and attract more customers.

Marketing hasn’t been spared and those who innovate in this space actually survive. Think of Netflix, Apple, Nike, GoPro, or Microsoft. Their innovative and thought-provoking ads went viral and the companies had a lot to gain from that.

In light of this, our article delves deeper into advertising strategies and highlights the most inventive ones that every serious business should put to use now.

Well, today is your opportunity to discover these innovative advertising strategies. Check them out.

1. Mention the Benefits

Great advertising goes beyond just stating the price and name of your business or services. Well, some will go ahead and mention the product or service features, and that’s good but not enough to help you achieve your intended goals.

It really doesn’t matter which media you opt for; just ensure you show your potential customer what’s there to gain from the product or service.

Take the case of a cell phone. Rather than simply mentioning its screen size, processor speed/chip, RAM, and camera megapixels as selling points, show the benefit(s) these specs bring. Talk of reliability, multi-tasking, great photographs/videos, and so on.

Put simply, sell all the gripping benefits to your potential customers first before mentioning the features. Make them see what the product/service can do for them.

2. Appeal to the Emotions

Great marketing appeals to emotions rather than reason. In fact, the ads that compel people not just to share but buy have one thing in common: emotion.

This realization supports the result of a study published by Psychology Today showing that emotions largely influence what we buy. So, an emotional response to an ad means the person is more likely to buy the product.

The four basic emotions to note include sad, happy, angry/disgusted, and surprised/afraid. You can leverage any of these emotions to build a special connection with your target audience.

Many brands, for instance, associate their products or service with the good things that people want in life such as beauty, love, wealth, and so on. Of course, such things are sure to make a person happy and this can drive a connection between your brand and the person.

3. Exceptional Branding

Online presence is now a necessity for any serious business. However, creating an online presence doesn’t just end with a fancy profile and description. There have to be ways that people will identify with your brand. And this applies to ads as well for example: viral ads created by the viral content lab.

Tailor your ads to bear specific color(s), layout, or imagery such that customers and prospects will easily identify you.

One of the nasty truths you have to live with as a business today is that there are millions of ads online, and a good number are a result of innovative promotional strategies. So, if you can’t set yourself apart or make yourself easily discoverable, very few people will actually recognize you.

Even when you create a new ad, make sure the specific elements that distinguish your brand from the rest are included.

Note that if your customers (existing and potential) identify well with your brand, they will more than likely respond to your ads. Besides, your brand is tied to your reputation and, if it's appealing, more people will want to be associated with you.

4. Targeted personal videos

Having a single creative ad targeted at everyone is one of the good innovative marketing strategies that worked well in the past. The entry of targeted personal videos means that we can do better than that.

Personalized videos are all about delivering to the right person the right message at a proper time. There are plenty of ways one can do this, but the proper one will depend on your business, product, and the target audience.

For instance, you can personalize an ad based on location, name, photo, job title, demographics, particular interests, and purchase history amongst other things. The target person will eventually feel special and this will create a solid connection between them and your brand.

To show its effectiveness, Coco Cola’s personalized campaigns have been its best so far and not just because their sales soared like never before, but because they left a lasting impact on consumers. Not to mention that the campaign also won awards.

Other companies that have successfully used personalized videos in their campaigns include Cadbury, Nike, and Toys R Us. Not too long ago, Amazon conducted tests on the potential of using personalized video ads in their next campaigns.

Final Word

People will easily recognize a good ad when they run into one. So, investing in such an ad should be every marketer’s top priority.

Innovative advertising strategies have time again proved to result in deeper engagement and increased conversions. By implementing them into your marketing campaigns, you will influence the consumer in ways that will make them want to be part of your business.

In the end, they will end up as long-term customers and your brand will eventually grow.

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