These 6 Benefits of Interactive Video Advertising Outweigh All Costs

interactive video marketing

Although it’s still a relatively novel method of marketing, chances are you’ve experienced some form of interactive video advertising yourself. This emerging field of advertising ranges from “choose-your-own-adventure” videos that tell unfolding stories based on your choice of action, to virtual reality tours through a product or experience.

Interactive video marketing has a massive “wow” factor, partly because it is still an underused means of marketing, and partly because it comes across as high-budget and tech-forward. In reality, with the right software and ideas, it’s not as complicated as it looks. And in the case of interactive video ads, the benefits are are growing fast enough to make this form of marketing the one to get in on now.

We’ll outline six benefits unique to interactive video advertising.

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1. Connection

If marketing is all about reaching to the heart of your consumers’ needs or desires, interactive video advertising makes this possible. The level of connection between the advertiser and the consumer skyrockets with interactivity, since these videos uniquely create a dynamic advertising experience that pulls the viewer into the story.  

The connection forged by interactive elements means your audience will not only feel emotionally drawn in but will physically participate in your advertising. According to current statistics from video marketers Innovid, consumers are more willing to spend longer amounts of time engaging with interactive ads than simply watching standard videos.

As well, your connection to the consumers’ data increases, since adding more elements of interaction allows you to track more data points based on which parts of the video the consumer engages with.

2. Choice

One of the biggest benefits of interactive video marketing is the choice it gives to the consumer. It’s a common thought that when we are given too many choices, analysis paralysis results and we can’t make a decision, but when a finite amount of choices is offered along with agency, we feel like we’re in control of the decisions we’re making.

And the power of interactive video ads lies in the fact that you, as the creator of the advertisement, have already predetermined outcomes by limiting the options, while still offering a freedom to choose.  

Interactive videos also offer a more relevant experience for consumers because they get to “create” their ad experience based on what is most pertinent to their need or desire. They will feel in control of their time and resources, all while still participating in your marketing campaigns.

3. Customization

Statistics show that the majority of consumers prefer personalization in their advertising, but they also want it on their own terms. Interactive video ads perfectly realize this consumer trend, since they allow that sense of choice we just talked about while also making optimal use of consumer data you have.

Interactive video is all about the audience: what’s more personal than an ad that talks directly to the viewer and changes course based on that viewer’s actions? The use of input options like stepping into a character’s shoes or picking a direction to move reels in the viewers, giving them a level of control for the outcome of the video.  

4. Creative

Advertising at its best is a thoughtful blend of entertainment, creativity, and business. Like a video game, the interactive entertainment of this form of video transports viewers to a different world, on in which they can literally visualize themselves in your message. The storytelling in video doesn’t have to be unidirectional with interactive elements, allowing for a vast creative range.


One note of caution: be careful about overloading an interactive video with every possible form of interaction. By focusing on one or two elements at most, you can refine the interactive experience so that your message or product isn’t lost in the novelty of the video.

For example, you won’t want to create a choose-your-own-adventure style video that then also asks the viewer to take a poll and then click on a call-to-action that takes them to your website. Keep it simple so your product or service remains the takeaway.

5. Compelling

One study from last year “found that interactive video ads are more effective at seizing attention, provoking emotion and driving brand impact.” That attention and emotion, when filtered through an interactive video experience, directly result in brand recognition on your part and consumer action on theirs.

The power of interactive video ads, for all the reasons discussed above, lies in their ability to compel the audience to action. Innovid, in the earlier-mentioned poll, showed that custom interactive video marketing campaigns have the potential to generate a 561% increase in total user activity in comparison to standard video marketing campaigns.

6. Cost-Effective

Last but not least, although interactive video advertising has that high “wow” factor we mentioned, there are some simple softwares and techniques available these days for easy entry into this realm of marketing.

Two easy places to start are with 360 videos and video personalization software, both of which are relatively low cost and high ROI. And the more you invest now, while the relevant technology is still relatively young, the better set you’ll be for the continued advancements in video marketing.

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