Looking for experienced developer!

Vacancy: Fullstack JS developer/Team Lead.
Location: Remote, full-time.
Salary range: $3000-$4000.

VideoRemix.io – one of the most popular services for creation of personalised video ads. We need a person who can lead IT department to the right direction. It's preferable to be full stack developer (to understand at least what happens in all parts of software product), with strong knowledge and experience in backend development.

Tasks we solve in this project:

  • Development and maintenance of existing company products (nodejs + mongoldb as backend, frontend has legacy code, reactjs and angularjs based apps);
  • Leading development processes according to agile methodologies (scrum);
  • Elaborating and clarifying business requirements and making them live;
  • Tech consulting of the whole team (for example, consulting is any of desired functionality is doable and/or estimating how much time would it take).

Must have:

  • Experience in commerce development on nodejs+react stack. It's not very important how many years do you work on this stack, the most important is your portfolio, we need more than two projects developed from scratch and appeared in production in the last 2-3 years.
  • Good skills in making adequate time and resource estimates on tasks (for small and for huge like whole product release approximate estimations).
  • Good skills in performing analysis of business requirements and convert them to user stories, tech tasks or anything other usable for development process.
  • You should not have willing to postpone writing tests (at least on backend).
  • Having a taste in UX/UI to determine what is looking bad or good and willing to make great UX for the product.
  • Experience with legacy code working (fast understanding, skills in adding non-breaking changes saving existing architecture, skills in code refactoring).
  • Verbal and writing English Intermetiate/B1 as minimum as we work as an international team.
  • Experience in work delegation and good skill to get the best performance from job delegation.
  • Experience in AWS (S3, CloudFront, etc).
  • Experience with Docker/Docker Swarm.
  • Obvious things like experience with git, code review, self-management, reasonable exactingness to yourself and your colleagues, experience in fast understanding of processes, willing to learn new technologies, etc.