4 Practical Ways to Make Your Own Business Video (And Why Personalization Matters)

Don’t we all want to tell good stories? You know you need an efficient way to reach your unique target audience, but without spending a fortune on a marketing budget, you want to ensure you’re reaching your potential customers with the information they need.

It’s easier than ever to make your own business video that directs your desired customers straight to the heart of what you’re about as a company. With personalized video marketing, you can make business videos that give you the power to customize marketing for your brand by showing your customers what it looks like when their story meets your company.

As you learn how to make your own business video, you’ll want to make sure you include certain key components to skyrocket your success. Here are 4 ways to maximize your video marketing strategy:

1. Keep it Short

Your goal is to convince your customers why your company has exactly what they need, so the more succinct and personalized the video, the higher chance there is that you’ll capture their attention. Choose your information carefully; knowing that once you’ve captured their attention with a hook, your potential customers will want more.

Media saturates our lives these days, so keep your content short (60-90 seconds is a good range to aim for) and to the point, providing a combination of relevant information and a personal element. Once you’ve highlighted the core of your business in your video, stand out from your competitors by pointing out to your customer what your company uniquely offers them.

2. Personalize

This is where personalization comes in. Customers want to trust the brand they’re buying from. Not only is video already a medium that personally engages the viewer, by adding names, images, or specific locations, you’re also proving to your potential clients the level of care they’ll receive from your company.

Personalized video marketing has been shown to increase ROI by up to ten-fold, so by taking the simple next step to add in a personalized element, the viewer receives a unique video that increases interest in your business in a way text or images alone doesn’t provide.

3. Know your Options

The wide range of platforms and styles available for integration with video marketing means you get to pick which ones tell your story most effectively. Consider if you want to focus on individuals, local niches, geographic marketing, or another variety of a client pool. Each of these pools offers advantages for customization to your business.

If you’re most comfortable using YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or any other media platform, our product seamlessly integrates all of these, ensuring you can draw from your existing client base.


4. Use Calls to Action

This leads into the another key component that matters as you make business videos: clickable calls-to-action. Anyone can watch a video and move on to the next one without a second thought, but if you’ve grabbed your client’s attention by using their name and image, following that personal call up with an option for action on their part will make all the difference.

Once you get the feel for the software involved in making your own business videos, there’s a wide variety of opt-ins and lead magnets you can utilize to convert viewers into customers. As soon as you start using personalized video marketing, you’ll start to see these viewers turn into customers, right before your eyes!

Final Thoughts

The benefits of video marketing are endless. Many options exist when you sit down to make your own business videos, and VideoRemix offers the asset of personalization for your customers, making the video marketing experience not only easy for your company, but guaranteed to have an effective return by telling the story your customers want to hear.

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