Where To Find Free Music For Business Videos (And How to Insert It)

With the right type of music, you can make your video masterpieces more compelling and emotive. Finding free music is easy but royalty-free music isn’t easy to come by. Worse, you will run into some sources that claim to offer royalty-free music, yet they aren’t clear on their agreements with the music creators.

In such cases, the worst that could happen is waking up to the news that the video you worked hard to create has been pulled down from YouTube or somebody filed a suit against you due to copyright violation.

Frankly speaking, that sucks. No one deserves to go through such an experience, and to ensure you don’t, we’ve vetted and identified five legit and reliable sources from where you can find royalty-free music for business videos and/or other multi-media productions.

Check them out below.

YouTube Audio Collection

YouTube’s audio library stocks a huge collection of royalty-free music plus sound effects that you can search and filter based on different things such as genre, duration, instrument, and so on. There’s an option to add the music directly to your video(s) on YouTube or download it for offline use. However, there’s a small section of this music that will require attribution, meaning you will have to credit the owner in your video.


Incomptech is a decent-sized music library that has earned its reputation from offering a wide collection of royalty-free music for corporate videos, films, website intro videos, and other multi-media productions. In their FAQs, they state explicitly that the huge collection of music on their site is absolutely free to use as a video soundtrack.

Kevin MacLeod, a composer and owner of the site, only asks that you give credit within your video.  The music has been categorized based on genre and mood. An easy search and filter functionality will help you to easily narrow down to a suitable track for your video. New music is also added regularly to the site.


SoundCloud has a mixture of both paid/copyrighted music and royalty-free music. Plenty of people release their music on SoundCloud, and of these many people, there are those who can allow you to use their music in your videos provided you give them a mention. This is an arrangement that has worked for many, including those who search for free corporate video music.

Another great thing about SoundCloud is that it presents a broad variety of music to choose from. You can use this link to search for the creative commons music on SoundCloud.

Free Stock Music

Just as the name suggests, this site stocks plenty of music that is royalty-free. Sign up is free and once in, you can choose music from different genres and in different formats including MP3, AIFF, and WAV. No attribution is required and you can use it for various multi-media productions, video and movies included.


FreeSoundTrackMusic offers a wide collection of music from which you can get not just free corporate music for videos, but also music for other uses including YouTube, games, website intro video, movies, and other multi-media productions. A huge selection of the music is royalty-free. However, there are a select few that will require you to part with some little money. On top of that, you will need to purchase credits in order to gain access to a larger selection of this music, with the minimum going for $3.50.

Other reputable and legit sites from where you can get royalty-free music for business videos include:

Proper Ways To Incorporate this Music into Your Business Video

music for your business videoMusic is just as important as the other top components of your business video. Incorporating it requires extra care, starting from the point at which you have to choose the right type that complements your video. Make an effort to avoid the corny digital instruments.

Remember, music helps to set the tone and so when making your selection, narrow down to the type that can be combined with your visuals and other sound effects to create a proper tone for your business video.

Another important aspect to note is music synchronization. For your sound to flow and be professional, the music has to sync with the video. This should start with you identifying specific elements not just within the music, but also in the video itself.

Identify the tempo, unique sounds, beats, change in instrument, and tempo within the sound. Then also note the change in scenes and emotion, jump cuts, cutaways, invisible cuts, and body language within the video.

Proceed to highlight edit points within the video and while editing it together with the sound, apply the best of your creativity to come up with a business video that reflects pure professionalism and inventiveness. Remember not to let the music to get in the way; let it live up to its name: background music.

Wrap Up

When you make good music part of your video masterpiece, achieving the rest of your goals becomes easier. The royalty-free music sources we’ve listed pack decent collections and so it’s up to you to narrow down to a proper selection of free music for corporate video.

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