Top 3 Advantages Of Using Personalized Videos (New For 2017)

personalized videos

We live in a world in which the way we can go about marketing something has more possibilities than ever before. Although we once used to be limited to the likes of newspaper and magazine advertisements, the advancements in technology have created for virtually endless possibilities when it comes to marketing or promoting your business.

Advertising through standard online ad programs and on social media has gotten quite a bit of popularity over the past few years, but one area of marketing that you might not be dabbling with quite yet is that of customized video advertisements.

Customized video is essentially creating a video with little personalization elements scattered throughout it to make it more appealing to your target audience, and although it may sound like a small thing on paper, it makes a world of difference once you actually put it to good use.

There are many advantages that come with making personalized videos, but today we’re going to be focusing on the top 3.

We’ve got a bit to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

Video Helps To Generate More Sales

If you’re behind any sort of company or startup, you’re likely quite familiar with how much of a pain and struggle it can sometimes be to generate the sales activity that you would like to see. Even with a quality product or service, getting folks to click that buy button can sometimes seem like a hill that you’ll never overcome.

However, nothing is impossible. There’s always a way to get the results that you want to see, and video has proven time and time again to be one of the best methods for this. You can do all of the text-based promoting of a product that you want, but recent studies have shown that around 74% of people who were given a sort of explanation video to watch consequently became customers.

Video is much more approachable and easier-to-understand than a huge wall of text, and as such, it makes sense as to why it can help boost your sales so much. Plus, once you add a bit of a personalized touch to your video content, this number will likely shoot up even more!

Video Personalization Is Great For Announcing A New Product, Service, Etc.

Any company has room to grow, and when you add a new product, service, or simply have exciting news to share with your audience, figuring out how to go about this announcement can prove to be a rather tricky ordeal. You want to make sure that customers will be engaged and interested in what you have to say, and while you definitely want to explain everything as well as you can, you don’t want to lose the interest of your customer base either.

Trying to balance this scale is something that even the pros often have a difficult time with, but one surefire way to provide helpful info while also still being appealing to your audience is by creating a promotional video that’s customized to the customer/audience you’re going after.

As a rough example, you could announce a brand new product by having your video say, “Hey there [Enter customer name here], we’ve listened to you and your requests and have created an all-new product that we think you’ll absolutely love.”

You can then go on to explain what your new product consists of, and by scattering other info about your customer throughout said video, you can constantly remind them that you’re talking to them directly.

Your customers always want a little bit of assurance that you’re listening to what they have to say, and when you’re able to create something that your audience has been asking for, being able to announce it in a fashion like this will only sell that point of your company having open ears even more.

Personalized Videos Make It Easier To Market And Sell Products/Services

We live in a world in which everyone is constantly abuzz with something that’s going on. Between running kids to soccer practice, sitting through meetings with a boss, getting dinner ready for family members, and so much more, everyone has more than they can handle on their plate.

This is something you need to expect with all current and potential customers, and because of this, sticking with more traditional marketing tactics won’t benefit you as much as you may be hoping.

Although some people are still okay with reading through a text description of why or how a product will benefit their life, most customers don’t have time for this. They want to know how a product or service will be best for them as fast and efficiently as possible, and the only real way to make this happen is by creating personalized video content.

Not only is video as a whole a much easier means to explain information, but that customized touch will also make it clear to a customer that you’re talking directly to them and not millions of other people.

This one-on-one conversation in the form of a custom video provides your audience with a clip that’s informative and personal, and this is a winning combination that’s sure to create for the sales and conversions you’ve been hoping for.

Final Thoughts

Although it still may be in its infancy, personalized video is here to stay. Older advertising techniques can still be effective for certain areas, but if you want to be as fast and personal with your advertising as possible, creating and producing personalized videos is the only way to go. Your customers will be thankful for the speedy manner in which they’re delivered information, and they’ll also greatly appreciate the fact that the content is tailored to them explicitly.


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