How Real Estate Video Production Will Catapult Your Agency (in 6 Ways)

Video marketing has been called the future of marketing, but let’s go ahead and change that to the present: It’s here to stay. And if you’re not already using online video marketing software to reach your potential clients, you’re missing out on one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools that exists in today’s media-focused world.

For real estate agents in particular, video marketing provides an engaging, client-oriented approach to marketing that lets you interact digitally with broader swaths of potential buyers than ever before. To understand how real estate video production can dramatically increase your conversion rate, we've compiled 6 aspects every good real estate video should have.

1. Personalize

Personalization is at the top of this list for a reason: While navigating the process of buying a home, potential clients want to know what your level of care for them will be. With the unique addition of personalization, like an individual’s name or photo, you can let the video begin to do the work of building trust with your clients that will carry into in-person interactions.

Effectively reaching potential clients requires a personal touch, and video software that integrates personalization for marketing videos means you’ll be set up perfectly to meet new leads.

2. Educate

Home buyers are coming to you for your expertise. The best real estate videos go beyond just showing listings to offer useful and educational advice about how to buy. Appeal to the inexperienced customer by making real estate videos that highlight insider information, from common questions to defining unfamiliar terms. 

Not only does this give your company a reputation for being knowledgeable in your field, it reassures people that you have their best interest in mind. Your goal is to help them buy real estate, and your videos will prove that. You can try to use VideoShout. It offers an automatic text to video creation service that can be used by any business pretty much (i.e., to create videos and promote its products or services on YouTube, Facebook, etc). 

3. Get Local

The adage may be tired, but it’s still true: Location is everything. When buyers consider your agency among others, they’ll see you standing out if you show your experience with the neighborhoods your listings are in. Blend statistics and facts with your own interactions in the neighborhood.  

Think about adding local events or niche features of the specific neighborhood to highlight your personal investment in the place. Some beautiful local scenery or neighbors exploring the local haunts may make all the difference in a possible buyer to feel at home.

4. Inform

real estate video production Similar to educating your potential clients through making real estate videos, informing people about real-estate specific news or trends will be an invaluable resource for them. If you can put in the labor to research niche areas of real estate that buyers might not even know they need to know, people will begin to view you as a relatable resource for the real estate industry.

You don’t have to write a textbook, but keeping up to date with topics in your field and communicating them to your network through simple, quick videos will ensure people remember your agency among the myriad others.

5. Profile

Testimonials, introductions, interviews, and more are all important uses of real estate video marketing. To capitalize on the personally engaging nature of video, it’s a good idea to make yourself an introduction video that tells who you are and why you’re passionate about real estate.

As well, previous or current client testimonials or interviews can add credibility and trustworthiness to your agency. The more personal and relatable your agency is, the more loyalty you’ll create, which will in turn incur referrals and respect from new leads.  

6. Display

You can put your budding real estate video production company to maximum use for your needs by displaying your listings online in video form. Giving interested buyers an exclusive look inside a property with a video lets you easily highlight the best features. You can also make quick videos for just-purchased customers to welcome them into their new place for that extra personal touch we’ve already talked about.  

Efficiency with real estate video production through the accessible software means that you’ll be able to see a high ROI for the effort you put into each listing.

Final Thoughts

Making real estate videos doesn’t have to be complicated, especially with the wealth of possibilities at your fingertips through online video production. With these 6 ideas for making your own, personalized real estate videos, your marketing content will be creating conversions for you before you know it.

To implement these ideas now, you can find out more information about VideoRemix’s simple, user-friendly video production software through one of our upcoming webinars!

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