Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Tour Software (Plus 1 Simple Hack)

Your potential buyers are conducting a vast majority of their real estate research entirely online these days, so you know it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology for real estate virtual tour software. If you’re looking to make your virtual tours stand out among other listings, there are a few basics you can master, along with one simple secret that will ensure your listings get noticed.

Offering your listings as 360 virtual tours will give your potential buyers the fullest sense of engagement with the property. And, when you use personalization software to market your video tours, you’ll take the personal engagement one step further so that buyers will begin to picture themselves at home in your listing.

We’ll go over some basics of how to create a virtual tour for real estate, and then dive into why personalization will be your best-kept secret for marketing these virtual tours.

Making a 360 Virtual Tour

360 real estate tourDon’t let the prospect of making videos daunt you: a smartphone and some planning are your best assets for creating a real estate virtual tour.

Before you begin capturing the property through a video, you’ll want to take some time to plan out if you’re going to make the tour a full walkthrough, from front to back, or if you’ll simply focus on specific and unique features of the place. A basic plan before you begin shooting will ensure you get the best lighting and logical progression through the space.

Since the benefit of 360 degree videos is the immersive experience for the prospective buyer, so they can not only know the details of a property but also feel what it’s like to be there themselves, you’ll want to make the focus of the video on that immersive feeling.

There are plenty of helpful guides for getting started making 360 videos, as well as details on uploading them to YouTube once you’ve shot what you need. Don’t worry too much about getting a perfect video, because the beauty of this format is that you can always go back and edit. Alternatively, you can easily make a series of videos for a listing if one all-encompassing virtual tour seems overwhelming.

When it comes down to how to make a virtual tour for real estate, the most important thing to remember is that you get to highlight the space to its fullest advantage, so paying attention to the flow of the tour, the lighting, and the details shown will create the most effective immersive experience.

Elevating Your Virtual Tour

Once you’ve made one or more virtual tours of your listings, what you do with them is crucial. Many different kinds of virtual tour software for real estate exists, but if you can create your own videos with the simple steps outlined above, why not put your resources toward efficiently and effectively marketing those videos?

VideoRemix’s 360Video software allows to you post 360 degree videos on YouTube and then add the element of personalization into a video that’s already operating at a high level of interactivity. If your goal is to create a setting in which potential buyers can feel themselves at home in your property simply by taking a virtual tour, personalizing that tour with their names or images augments the engaging nature of the video.

This software also allows you to edit in real time so you can make the most accurate and up-to-date videos. The incredibly fast rendering time means you don’t have to spend hours meticulously fine-tuning your final product, instead focusing on the big picture of what your virtual tour conveys to your audience.

As well, this form of virtual tour software for real estate integrates with all major platforms you could want to use for marketing, from email services to social media and more. The wide range of integration allows you to choose the most effective means of sharing your completed virtual tour with the largest possible audience.

Using Your Virtual Tour

It’s worth expanding a bit on the above point regarding personalization. If, as current stats report, 81% of consumers want companies to get to know them and their buying habits but 83% of marketers’ biggest challenge is personalization, it’s time for marketers to focus their efforts on closing this gap.

With video personalization software, the hard work of market research and data analysis is simplified for you. Personalization appeals to your potential buyers’ story of themselves by placing them into your video, drawing them into the content more effectively than a generic video.

So when it comes time to outreach with your 360 real estate virtual tour, let video personalization function as the 21st century version of the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting through a home: sensory and inviting, you’ll make people feel at home.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to make a virtual tour for real estate, the next step is to put it to maximum use. VideoRemix’s video personalization and editing software is one of the most user-friendly and effective products on the market when it comes to elevating a standard real estate tour video. Check out the full range of features!

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