SmartVideo Revolution Makes Personalized Videos Just Got EASIER With The Smart Text Upgrade

Now you can make your marketing stand out from the competition WITHOUT hiring expensive voiceover actors or spending hours recording audios yourself!

This Is The ONLY Software That Seamlessly Creates PERSONALIZED Voice Over Audios From Text


Human-sounding digital voices to choose from with options for different genders and tones.


language options available


platforms you can share your personalized videos to with just one click!

Create Loyal & Connected Customers

Any business can post a video. A business that acknowledges its customers by name stands out!

Why Settle For Cookie-Cutter Videos That Don’t Connect? Get Personal With Smart Text.

No More …

  • Wasting hours recording individual voice overs. Who has time for THAT?
  • Spending thousands on voice actors. That gets expensive FAST!
  • Dropping money on text-to-speech programs that don’t have the ability to add personal details like names and locations.

How EASY Is Smart Text?

Create Videos With Voice Over In Just 3 Simple Clicks!

Choose Voice

Pick your personalized video along with the perfect business voice, gender, and tone from 49 real human-sounding digital voices in 29 different languages.

Create Tags

Create personalization tags in your videos for your scripts. Choose from First Name, Last Name, Email, Geo Country, Geo City, Geo State, Name, or Gender. You can also choose any custom tag from your CRM or ESP. Then type the text or copy and paste the video script and click “GET VOICE”.

Save & Share

Save and share your personalized videos with Smart Text voice overs on more than 40 different platforms with just one click.

Skyrocket Engagement & Conversions

Send customers marketing they LOVE that’s just for them with a personalized video that grabs attention and keeps them buying!


Increase in conversions for Domino’s Pizza when they started using Smart Video Revolution personalized videos


Happy SmartVideo Revolution users from all over the world


Generated using personalized videos made with SmartVideo Revolution


Jump in click-throughs for the Deutsche Bahn when they used SVR’s personalized videos preloaded with geo location personalization

Now Smart Text Makes Creating Personalized Video Even Faster, Cheaper & Easier!

you already know smart video revolution gives you all this…

No Tech Experience Needed

Smart Text works straight out of the box with alongside SmartVideo Revolution with push-button simplicity.

100% Cloud Based

Get access anywhere, anytime. There’s no software to install. You never have to worry about losing your files!

Stand Out Among Marketers

Cut time and expense from creating professional personalized videos that sell (no more voice over actors, unreliable freelancers and expensive contractors).


Now your captivating, eye-catching, and attention-grabbing personalized videos are even easier to make with Smart Text’s to turn written text into voice over WITH personalization.


You’re one of our 6,500+ fans, so you know personalized video works. Now be the first to upgrade with Smart Text!.

Nothing Else Comes Close

SmartVideo Revolution is still the ONLY enterprise-grade, cinematic style, personalized video creator for marketers and businesses – available for just a one-time price.

This Is The Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For … And There’s MORE!


Upgrade NOW & Get The Smart Text Commercial License FREE
As per current market rates, agencies and service providers are charging $750 to $1,200 for a personalized video with personalized text-to-speech voice-over.

Want to add an income stream to your business?

When you upgrade SmartVideo Revolution during this special launch by adding Smart Text, you get the Commercial License to make unlimited videos for FREE.

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Just one payment of $397 per year is all it takes to upgrade your SmartVideo Revolution membership to include Smart Text. No monthly fees or hidden charges.
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You’ll never need to pay out a single cent of your profits to anyone.

It’s Really That Easy.

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Smart Text Software Upgrade

Get your hands on the ultimate SmartVideo Revolution upgrade – the only text-to-speech software that can create personalized voice overs.

49 different realistically human digital voices to choose from

Available in 40 different languages

Smart Text Commercial License

Create and sell unlimited personalized videos for clients

No extra fees or charges

14 - Day Money Back Guarantee

Still Not Sure?

There’s ZERO RISK when you buy Smart Text today with our 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

Try Smart Text for 14 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

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One Personalized Video Sold To Someone Else Could More Than Pay For Your Investment In Smart Text

Not to mention the time you’ll get back because you no longer have to create voice overs yourself…
… or the money you’ll save by not needing to hire a voice actor.
Not to mention using it is SO simple!


YES! Smart Text is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system.

All you need is an internet connection to use the app. There’s nothing to install and nothing to update. Smart Text works perfectly right out of the box.

YES! Smart Text works on all computers, smartphones and smart devices (iOS and Android).

This means you can create, manage, and sell personalized videos with voice-over campaigns on-the-fly from the palm of your hand!