Success Story: Mike Larouche uses VideoRemix to Buy into 5 Million Dollar Business

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Mike LaroucheMike tells his story about how VideoRemix changed his life. Mike is has owned and sold an IT company, so he's no newbie to running and selling a successful business.

But he is a newbie to VideoRemix. And after seeing a huge opportunity in personalized video marketing, decided that he wanted to create a business with VideoRemix and became a VideoRemix White Label Partner.

“I built a virtual marketing agency using VideoRemix.”

His story is particularly unique because Mike is a double amputee, losing both of his legs between 2012 and 2014, but that hasn't slowed him down in building an amazing business around VideoRemix.

He started knowing absolutely nothing about video and was able to leverage VideoRemix to buy into a $5 Million dollar business.

Eric, VideoRemix founder and CEO, recently interviewed Mike to learn how he created a scalable and profitable VideoRemix business:

“I watched the VideoRemix presentation, and look, it's amazing. I completely fell in love with VideoRemix.”

Mike started using VideoRemix for his wife's spa, creating small marketing videos to attract new business. When that took off, he saw the potential and became a White Label partner.

“This has been the best decision of my life.”

Mike chose VideoRemix White Label partnership because he wanted to build a scalable and profitable business and VideoRemix WhiteLabel allowed him to do this by allowing Mike to offer his clients the VideoRemix solution as well.

He likes VideoRemix because it allows him to package different software capabilities together to help his clients have a true asset as well.

Mike admits that he's not a videographer, so it was crucial that the VideoRemix platform was intuitive enough for him to quickly use the system effectively to grow his business. He attributes the intelligent design of the software as being integral to his success.

One of Mike's primary markets that he has found success is real estate brokerages. With the VideoRemix solution, he is able to show his clients how to get the results they need to move their business to the next level.

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Re-selling VideoRemix as a  White Label Partner

One of Mike's greatest successes was his work with a local real estate agent in Quebec who had sold up to 60 houses in the past year.

The real estate agent was so impressed with Mike's initial offerings, he invited one of his colleagues on the call with Mike as well.

Mike settled on a price of $997 for his VideoRemix package to the agents. Both agents purchased at that price. And now they are on a recurring plan for the next 3 months.

"After this deal, I received at least 7 phone calls from other real estate agents. I even received a call from a videographer."

Mike credits much of his success to Adam O'Leary, VideoRemix Consultant for White Label Program. Adam helped him to create a pricing strategy that worked a lot better for his market and ensured that Mike was selling his solution at the right price.

"Since I purchased the WhiteLabel system, business has exploded."

Buying a into a Business Using VideoRemix as Leverage

Mike talks about how he even sought advice from a business friend that works in a marketing agency about the VideoRemix product.

His colleague was immediately interested in the opportunity and asked to see a demo. While initially apprehensive, he was soon impressed at the functionality and accessibility of the platform.

Mike assured him that the only thing he needed to know was what the problem his client needed to solve, and that the software would do the rest.

In the end, Mike was able to work out a business deal with his friend. Mike was able to purchase half of the business for a very fair price.

"I just recently worked on closing a deal where I acquired half of a business at a very fair price because I was able to bring VideoRemix to the table."

360 Video

Mike has also used VideoRemix to do business with videographers on Video 360. He has partnered with one videographer to take video footage for him which he can then re-sell to real estate agents.

He also shared a clever way to get real estate agent referrals in his area.

Mike also explains his sales process and how he gets reluctant agents on board. He mentions the most important thing for agents is their return on investment. I ask them one simple question, "If you get one more listing from this product, would it be worth it?"

"Finding deals has been simple. I ask the prospect if they are doing business the same way they did business 20 years ago? I let them know that their customer base is changing and getting younger so they need to adapt."

To learn more about Mike's success, check out our White Label website,

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