The Best Infographics For A Modern Business: Video Personalization

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1.) The Traditional Infographic

Infographics (short for information graphics) permeate our everyday lives, everything from that scatterplot diagram you had to make in 9th grade algebra to the stick figure on the “wet floor” sign are considered infographics. Infographics have been an important part of human history as well as our modern lives. Cave paintings and maps that predate written language are some of the first infographics in human history. The hieroglyphics of the ancient egyptians are another example of infographics through time.With something that has been a vital part of human interaction and our conveying of information, it makes perfect sense that infographics would continue playing an important role in our modern societies.

In the business world infographics have been utilized for decades as an effective way to display knowledge, data, or information in a simple format that viewers can see and understand. The pie chart and bar graph can both display lots of often complex data in a simple graphic, which made them two of the best infographic tools around year after year. Line graphs have often been used to represent sales or productivity in the corporate setting. All of these graphs are still effective and efficient for use within a company, such as in board meeting presentations and briefing colleagues about the state of a company project. When it comes to using these traditional infographics to convey information to consumers, however, the marketplace has changed enough in the last 15 years that graphs like this are less and less effective.

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2.) The Modern Presentation

As I said, many of these iconic infographics have remained useful and engaging to their audience in a business setting, with most having quite the facelift done recently. Infographic designers have been in a digital arms race to produce the best infographic software out there. Your business can utilize the fruits of their labor with the plethora of useful presentation software out there. Products like Sliderocket, Emaze, and Prezi all enable you to make slideshows that are much more engaging than Powerpoint will ever be (sorry Microsoft). Well, I’ve told you about the best options I’ve found for presentations in the business setting, but what technology in this field can help you attract the attention of your target audience? This is where it gets exciting!


3.) The Modern Consumer

In this digital time we are all constantly bombarded with advertisement, from the commercials we see to the emails sent straight to our spam folders. With the United States easily winning the competition of largest advertising market in the world, there are a lot of other ad campaigns to compete with. According to statista, 180 Billion per year is spent on the advertisement industry in the United States! In an online marketplace where advertisements with infographics are everywhere, how can businesses stand out amongst their competitors?  By being unique! Imagine a video containing an interactive infographic that is personalized for each viewer individually! Having seen them myself, I can tell you that they captivate the modern consumer.

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4.) The Best Infographics: Personalized Videos

Businesses are always looking for effective ways to reach their target audience, and now infographics have hit a homerun in the field of advertisement! Businesses can now get a leg up on your competition by using a commercial infographic video maker. VideoRemix is an economical yet high end tool that many businesses are using to create personalized video campaigns that have the potential to exponentially grow the sales of your company.



5.) The Video Personalization

VideoRemix can make a professional ad with minimal time that will actually put the info of the viewer in the ad! The have multiple tools to tailor make the ad for the target viewer, providing a captivating ad experience that few other companies currently have! They can personalize the video with the viewer's name, their profile picture, and even their email! Once you have the video completed, you can publish it to be sent to thousands of viewers!

6.) Is it Effective?

Absolutely! Forrester has reported increases in click through rates on sites that incorporated click-through video of up to 985 percent! Big brands such as AT&T and Red Bull have begun using this technology and when the campaign that AT&T ran occurred they saw a near 10 fold ROI improvement!

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, this is what I want you to take away from this article. If you are looking to keep your colleagues or employees engaged in a presentation, then software like emaze and prezi are your safest bet. If you are trying to captivate  the target audience of your business, an infographic video maker is ideal. I hope you found this article informative and useful, thank you for your time.

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