Top 5 Interactive Presentation Tools For Effective Marketing


Video Presentations don’t have to be boring when using innovative tools that make them engaging. These 5 tools are great for making your next presentation unforgettable!


1. Prezi

If you’re looking for a tool that incorporates both personal and professional ways to create an interactive presentation, Prezi is a program that is reliable and easy to use. It gives users the ability to create, deliver, and analyze their pitches to ensure their audience understands the information they’re trying to deliver. Another interesting feature of Prezi is that it can be used as a collaborative tool where you and your team can combine notes, project enhancements, and more, in real time. With an account, you have the ability to link any device to your presentation so it can be shown around the world without the need for software.

Prezi also offers a unique optimization feature where you can view the people who view your posted presentation and analyze the statistics. For example, you can track what parts of the presentation are the most viewed or how long your audience watches your presentation.

2. Visme

If you’re in the market for interactive presentation tools on a budget, Visme is a simple program that gives you the ability to create web content, infographics, presentations, wireframes, and more. The main premise of Visme is to give users the ability to share their information visually without having to put hours into developing a generic presentation. When you start working on your presentations you can add media such as voice-overs, videos, and other audio components as well as images and icons.

If you want to add your presentation to your website or post it online Visme makes it easy with their Share & Publish feature. You can share the entire presentation online using a URL or embed it to a website.

3. Intuilab

As another one of the most popular multimedia presentation tools, Intuilab is unique as it offers both a free and paid version for users to take advantage of. It is one of the best presentation tools for students because the free version offers just enough components to make an effective and memorable presentation. The main premise of Intuilab is to give students the ability to revolutionize the way they typically think of a slideshow presentation. Instead of using traditional slides you can add your own content such as layouts and designs with enhanced graphics and more.

4. Aurora 3D Presentation

Aurora 3D Presentation is one of the most interactive presentation tools for businesses, though it may not be the first choice for students because of how in-depth the tool is. Users will have the ability to create professional presentations that offer a combination of video, data, images, and text. The design options are slightly less modern than other multimedia presentation tools but it is one of the best programs to create an interactive slideshow presentation for a professional audience. You also have the ability to create more complex presentations by taking advantage of various operations such as rotation, scaling, and changing colors.

5. VideoRemix

Out of all of the interactive presentation tools you’ll find online, VideoRemix incorporates the features you would expect out of presentation tools for students and businesses. This particular program gives you the ability to edit video, import media, personalize your projects, and use phenomenal templates that have been designed by industry leading graphic artists. The best part about VideoRemix is that it is incredibly user-friendly but also gives you the ability to customize your presentation to create a project that is professional, clean, and immersive.


Users have the ability to import media from popular audio and video sharing sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and Flickr. It’s also a comprehensive video-editing program where you can design intros and outros, add popups, and more. It’s essentially a complete video-editing suite at your disposal. Unlike other presentation tools for students, VideoRemix focuses on interesting business components as well, such as marketing your products effectively and with minimal effort. With the use of presentations designed in this innovative suite you can skyrocket your conversions and improve your sales with a few clicks.

If you’re looking for multimedia presentation tools that give you the most features in a convenient and readily available environment, VideoRemix is your best choice. They also integrate with a variety of phenomenal platforms including WordPress,, MailChimp, GetResponse, and Sendlane.

Finding the right presentation tools for students and businesses can be difficult, as you’ll want to make sure the program you choose incorporates all of the tools and features you could dream of. With the help of VideoRemix, making a memorable and effective presentation has never been easier.

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