Video Content Marketing: 6 Types Of Video That Make The Sale

video content marketing

You’ve heard it all before. That video is the way of the future, and to have successful marketing campaigns, you have to use video. True as those statements may be, that doesn’t make the path to a great video content marketing strategy any more clear.

Understanding A Successful Video (Sales) Funnel

There is a process to capturing the attention of your potential audience and leading them to make a purchase.

A good sales funnel looks something like this:

  • Top: Capture the attention of a general audience and then narrow down your audience to your target audience with a focused, personalized video.
  • Middle: Now that they know the general brand, share details of products and how they can solve your target customer’s’ problems.
  • Bottom: Answer final questions with very detailed information that will finalize the sale.

Here are six types of video marketing that you should incorporate in your video content marketing strategy.

#1 Engage A General Audience

At the top of the sales funnel, you will want to capture attention with a thrilling, funny, or generally engaging brand video.

The goal of this type of video is to introduce your brand in an open and engaging way to a wider audience that may be interested in your product. This video doesn’t need to educate your audience or sell any particular product. It simply needs to set the foundations of your brand.

#2 Narrow Your Audience

Once you have a larger audience who is getting to know your brand, you can use educational video segments that only potential buyers would be interested in to narrow your audience. You want to show that your brand is an expert in its field by delivering advice.

Here are some key things to include in this type of educational video:

  • Quick, actionable advice
  • Brand imagery
  • Points that prove your brand is an expert
  • Pain points & how your brand can solve them

This content will be relevant for  audiences who are searching for common answers and educational videos related to your brand. This expands the reach that the top of your funnel has.

video content marketing #3 Create A Community

Another step to take while bringing customers in at the top of your sales funnel is to create a community around your brand.

You can do this by creating emotional and engaging content. This content should be created with your target audience in mind. What is the video content that they will want to talk about?

One way to do this is to introduce the people behind the product:

By creating short documentaries, sharing customer stories, and making other unique video content, you can build ties among you, the viewers, and your future customers. This sense of community will show potential buyers that you care about their needs and dreams.

#4 Make Product Videos Work For You

Now that you have a wide base of potential customers, it’s time to narrow this down and move to the middle of your sales funnel.

Since you now have a pool of buyers who are considering their options, you will want to create engaging and detail-oriented product videos that will help them understand your products.

Use these videos to help your customers imagine how your brand and your products can solve their problems and possibly improve their lives.

#5 Share Your Successes

Another great way to sway your potential buyers to your side in the middle of the sales funnel is to create videos that share testimonials and case studies.

You can tell your target audience one hundred times that you are reliable and that you have helped people like them before. Why not let your past successes speak for you instead?

Creating videos in which your current customers share how your brand has changed their lives is the perfect way to build trust and show what you really can do. Every potential customer needs a little proof that you are worth their investment, and this type of video can do that for you.

#6 Answer Questions

When you get to the bottom of the sales funnel, many people believe all that’s left is for the customer to make a purchase. Instead, identify the common problem points that might be preventing customers from closing the sale.

Use video content marketing that shows how your product does not have these problems and can help overcome theirs. This type of short, very detailed FAQ video will secure the sales that you have been building.


Ensure that you are making the most of video content to help your customers move through the sales funnel.

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It’s time to use video to make the sale. Let us help you do it!

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