How To Master Video Email Marketing (With 3 Tips & Tricks)

video email marketing

Video is an amazingly powerful tool with possibilities that can truly seem limitless at times. Marketers are finding new and exciting ways to implement video into their workflow every single day, and one of the recent trends that we’ve become huge fans of recently is that of video email marketing.

Email marketing is something that’s been around for quite some time now, but lots of agencies and companies have been discovering that incorporating video with their email tactics is a recipe for success. The whole concept of email video marketing is relatively new, but despite this, we’ve already learned quite a lot as to what constitutes good and bad practices with this style of promotion.

According to recent studies, adding video to your email marketing plan can increase the open rate of your emails by 19%, ramp up the rate of how many people click-through your emails by more than 50%, and even help to eliminate unsubscribers by 26%.

If you want to cash in on the video marketing bandwagon and start seeing results like this for your own business, we’ve got 3 tips to help you get started with your own email marketing video campaign.

1. Embed videos from your YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel for your brand or business, this can be a great way to not only drive traffic to it, but also provide your email audience with content that they might be interested in and not at all aware of.

Embedding YouTube videos into your email requires little more than copying and pasting of some HTML5 code, and YouTube has greatly simplified the process over the years to make sharing your videos as easy as possible.

The type of videos that are on your YouTube channel will differ from company to company, but you should have a solid idea of what videos will help create for more interest in your brand/message and what ones want.

Furthermore, don’t feel like you can only embed videos that you’ve uploaded to your YouTube channel. If you prefer to use a service such as Vimeo or simply have local video files that you’d like to share with your email subscribers, you can add these to your messages without any problem at all as well.

2. GIFs!

video email marketingWhether you pronounce it with a hard or soft “G”, GIFs are an incredibly simple yet powerful tool that absolutely constitutes as a form of video email marketing. Some video email marketing services still don’t see GIFs as a proper way to advertise or promote something that you have to offer, but we’d beg to differ.

GIFs are very easy to create, but despite how much simpler they are than full-fledged videos, they still provide enough movement and activity to create for more interest and intrigue than what you’d find with a traditional static image.

The Internet seems to agree that the sweet spot for most GIFs is around three to four frames, but you can also get by with using as little as two or as many as seven. GIFs are quickly being supported by more and more platforms as time goes on, but despite the rise in popularity of these files, some big name such as Outlook still don’t fully support the animated nature of them.

People who receive a GIF file in Outlook will only be able to see the first frame of it. Although this won’t mess up the overall look of your email, it won’t be nearly as interesting if you’re only using GIFs to create for visual interest and nothing more.

Because of these sort of limitations, it’s important to have a good mix of the tools that you use and to be aware of what platforms your customers are using to view and consume your content.

3. Use your email to advertise a product/service

Having trouble deciding just what to talk about in your email marketing video clips?

Although there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer since every business is unique in its own special way, integrating a video that talks about a product or service of yours is a really safe way to get the conversion rates you’re after.

Product videos that are placed on product pages are estimated to bump up conversion rates between 109 and 160%, so just imagine seeing similar (if not greater) results by using these videos within your email marketing plan.

Final Thoughts

Even though video email marketing is still a somewhat new concept, it’s still easy enough to integrate various tactics and techniques to get the absolute best results out of it. The three tips we’ve mentioned here are solid building blocks to start your foundation for email video marketing, and once you have these down to a science, you’ll be rocking this sort of advertising like the pro that you are!

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