Video For Business Promotion (How To Rule With It In 2017)

video for business promotion

Starting a business is no easy task. In fact, it’s one of the most grueling ventures that you can choose to embark on. However, once all is said and done and your business starts to see success, you know that all of that hard work and effort was well worth it. There are a lot of moving parts involved with starting/running a business, and in 2017, one of the most important ones is knowing how to rock at video for business promotion.

Video is currently one of the most powerful tools in the marketing world, and using video to promote your business has proven to have some seriously impressive results when created and implemented correctly.

Promotional videos for business are videos that focus on advertising your company and highlighting certain products, services, and/or features that you really want to push and make your traffic and potential customers aware of.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with tackling business promotional videos for your company, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help steer you in the right direction.

Why you should start making video for business promotion

Before diving too deep into how to start making promo videos for your business, just why should you care about doing this in the first place? People often rant and rave about how great video marketing is and how it’s so great for companies to take part in, but what kind of real world results does it actually have to offer?

First thing’s first. One of the biggest reasons you should start making promo videos is because video has an extremely wide reach with people.

Video marketing has proven time and time again to be much more accessible and enjoyable to people versus walls of text and photos, and according to one study from Simply Measured, the top 10 brand pages on Facebook saw video content shared a whopping 1200% more than all of the text posts from these pages combined.

In addition to this, a business promo video can also help to bring more personality into your marketing tactics, is often more memorable than text-based promotional material, and usually helps quite a bit with your website’s SEO.

Creating content that works

video for business promotionThese days, just about anyone can create promo videos for websites. Video creation and production tools are now more accessible than they’ve ever been, and while this is great as it makes the world of video marketing easier to break into, it also means that there’s more competition in this field than there’s ever been before.

Depending on the field you operate in, this could prove to be somewhat of a hassle.

The main thing that will set your videos apart from the rest is the actual content you’re producing, and some of the content that you can succeed with the most includes:

Showcase your product/service

When trying to sell a product or service to someone, it’s important to properly convey to them why they should give you money for what you and your company are offering. While everyone can make videos these days, not everyone has your goods.

Create a compelling case for what you’re selling. Create a story to tell someone why they need your product/service, and use video to show how it can and will make a difference in their day-to-day life.

Potential customers are much more likely to listen to a previous customer rather than the business itself, making these great tools for promoting what you have to sell/offer.

Personality counts!

Speaking of uniqueness, the most unique thing about your company is yourself!

With your promo videos, try to have them reflect your own personality. If you’re someone who's particularly witty/humorous, implement some of that humor into your videos! If there’s an interesting story behind your company and how it came to be, tell it.

Everyone likes to get a better feel and idea for who they’re doing business with, and along with promoting your business, you’ll also be establishing much-need rapport with current and potential clientele.

Final Thoughts

Video for business promotion might seem like a challenging thing to break into, but with a steady head on your shoulders and a few ideas on how to get started, you can easily hop into this form of marketing and see exciting results that you likely wouldn’t have been able to get with other types of promotion/advertising.

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