Video: How Daniel Used Video Marketing To Boost His Sales

interview with daniel

Read the highlights from Daniel's interview here:

Interview – How Daniel Charges $4,997 + $597p/month for Personalized Video Deals

Testimonials from our most recent Webinar with Daniel:

“I am blown away. I wish I could sit in his office and just listen to him speak with prospective clients.”

“I am impressed with his creative solutions for helping clients.”

“Awesome Information!!”


“Enjoy hearing him”

“Hi, Paula here. Just hanging out. I'm glad that I tuned in because I enjoyed hearing what Daniel said today”

“Daniel…hypnotherapy response is spot on!”


“A real go-getter!!”

“Amazing, thank you Daniel!”

“Love Daniel's Principals”

“Daniel is amazing…I have had Video Remix for some time and done nothing with it. Today that changes.”

“Daniel's got me addicted to VR!”

“Wasn't excited about video until now – a bunch of possibilities.”

“WOW. What a TSUNAMI of value.”

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