Video Lead Generation: 3 Ways to Generate Leads Via Video

video lead generation

Almost every savvy marketer out there is aware of the potential video holds as a lead generation channel. Many actually believe it’s one of the most underutilized tools of our times.

Naturally, humans have a bias towards content that is visual in nature and clever marketers understand that taking advantage of this through video can generate plenty of leads.

Up to 90% of consumers today watch videos online, and companies across the globe are making the most out of in-video CTAs, pre-video email gates, and several other techniques to obtain lead information.

So, as a business, there’s every reason to invest in the process of video lead generation and, to make your work a little bit easier, we’ve identified several effective ways you should consider making part of your strategy.

Check them out.

1. Gating

Just as the name suggests, ‘gating’ your content involves erecting a metaphorical gate that can only be opened when a prospect supplies you with the information you request. Individual emails are the most targeted.

Even though this method is kind of direct and has attracted mixed views, its effectiveness in generating leads cannot be doubted. Good quality videos have always delivered remarkable results, not just in viewership but also conversions, and so ‘gating’ is just one way of levering this.

What actually seems to bother many people is determining where to place the ‘gate’.  If you choose to have it immediately after the viewer presses play, then your value proposition has to be exceptionally compelling. Teaser videos always seem to work magic.

However, placing the form mid-way into the video seems to be the most effective way as some businesses have reported higher conversion rates from doing so.  You can also have the form toward the end of the video but this isn’t as effective as the other two positions.

Another great way to go about this is to come up with a video series leading up to the ‘gated’ main content. Let it pique the interest of viewers such that they will hardly resist watching the final or main video. This could also be one way to get high-quality leads.

More about how to gate your video can be found here.

2. Understand Your Audience And Create Suitable Videos

Without a solid idea of what your target audience looks like, it’s difficult to create an effective video. This means that, first, you should be aware of their needs, demands, and preferences.

video lead generation.2With such information, you can come up with highly targeted videos and, even though the content may be simple, the impact on the target audience will certainly be huge and this will create an opportunity for lead generation.

Different videos often have different goals. Some are made to inform or educate, others to connect, and in our case, to convert. Many don’t know that you can actually mix up these goals to achieve better results when it comes to marketing.

For instance, webinars, whitepapers, and other similar videos are known to be extremely effective in the generation of quality leads. Most are usually educational or informational and are designed to appeal to as many people as possible.

You can create product videos or demos as well, and since they will be directly targeted at those already in the buying process, you have to design them to specifically appeal to this section of the audience. Make the video short and compelling enough to persuade the viewer to part information, such as names or email addresses, in exchange for your promise.

3. Video Personalization

Interactive personalized videos count among the most productive and viewed videos in the world of marketing. In fact, many consumers reported that they are more than willing to give out their personal data to retailers in order to get back personalized products or services.  

Once you have a prospect’s name, phone number, interests, company, email, or other key information on their behavior, it’s easier to establish a connection between them and your business or product. It all depends on how you package your video content.

But that’s not all. Once you have your prospect’s full or near full attention, that’s an opportunity to extract more information that will assist you to qualify your leads.

For instance, you may ask them about products they are using or how they would wish a certain product or service to be. Some businesses prefer survey questions and polls. Of course, the information will differ from prospect to prospect and, if you are a business, this is the perfect opportunity to optimize your marketing strategy.

Also, getting interactive with your prospects will help build loyalty and trust. Generally, as far as generating leads through video is concerned, personalization is an element you should never ignore.


It’s the duty of every serious marketer to learn how to use video to generate leads. In fact, if you’ve never achieved much with your marketing videos, now you have all of the important information required for successful video lead generation.

So, go ahead and gate your video content, seek to know your audience and create for them suitable videos, and lastly,personalize your next videos so as to generate as many leads as possible.

We’ll be glad to know how it all went so you are welcome to share your results

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