4 Key Features of an Effective Video Marketing Platform

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To any serious content marketer, video marketing platforms are a welcome relief. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got just a couple or a bunch of marketing videos; we all want to streamline our video marketing operation. And that’s where these platforms come in.

Your masterpiece video is a great achievement but, without optimizing its impact and returns, your work will be halfway done. Unlike in the past when views mattered more than anything else, a today’s marketer needs more than that, the least being a place or system they can use to manage the video and measure its success.

Well, it’s out of this need that today’s dominant and effective platforms were made. We are all aware of YouTube but what you may not be aware of is that there are competitive platforms that do perform just as good or even better.

So, to help you single out the best, we’ve identified four key features that you should look out for in a video advertising platform.

1. Analytics

Forget about the misconception that you can’t measure the performance and success of a video. The truth is you can. In fact, you can see who view particular content, plus the duration. You can also note their attention span and type of device used amongst other things.

Whereas platforms such as YouTube will just show you how many people watched your video, other platforms, like Vidyard, will reveal the rest of the details we’ve just mentioned, plus a lot more.

There’s a growing need to show that marketing videos actually work, and a proper video ad platform will help you easily scrutinize the impact your video has on sales. And at the end of the day, the quantifiable metrics you will have obtained will you help you to refine your video strategy further.

2. Personalized Experience

Do you know who views your content? If you do, great. That’s how you start putting out information that converts.

As we mentioned earlier, a good video advertising platform will reveal who’s watching your content. It does this by helping you to personalize your video and see straight away who’s interested in it, in addition to their attention span.

With such information, you can proceed to personalize your video further to the point that it will attract a wider similar audience and eventually convert them into sales-ready prospects.

Through the platform, you can connect with each viewer by weaving in details that they relate to most into a video. This will catch their attention, increase click-through rates, make them engage, and of course, they will feel compelled to act.

3. Integration with marketing systems and sales tools

Given that this video ad platforms will certainly gather useful data, it should be of interest to any serious marketer that this data can be explored further for other great uses.

One way is through seamless integration with marketing systems and sales tools. Any platform of repute will bear this functionality, starting with being able to integrate with top Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems.

Also, the data collected on lead and engagement can be pushed straight into contact records. Eventually, you will end up knowing more about your contacts and, as a result, you can section and refine your leads accordingly.

4. Extra Control Over the Viewing Experience

Distractions are everywhere around us. But the kind of distractions you should never wish upon your fascinating video is one of a cat or enticing Ozzyman reviews or other luring videos that come as recommendations ( YouTube, for example, does this regularly).

Your prospect could be buried deep into your video, but the moment their eyes wander away and chance upon such videos, they may never bother finishing watching your video, much less viewing your next one or taking any action.

Well, you can embed your videos on your site or landing page but still, this doesn’t come close to what great video platforms can do. The majority of these platforms will allow you more control over the viewing experience. You can set the player to play videos coming from your website only and also include proper call-to-actions.

Of course, you’ll still have your YouTube presence intact, only the distractions will be filtered away.


Proper video marketing platforms can help you achieve a lot more than just hosting, distributing, and managing your video content. Don’t we all want our marketing videos to have greater impact and decent returns after all?

Well, by now, we should all be aware of the notable features that make up an effective video advertising platform.

So, let this article lead you into refining your video marketing strategy for the good of your business.

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