Top 3 Video Marketing Solutions All Video Creators Need

video marketing solutions

Let’s face it, we all want our videos to go global, viral, or reach as many as people as possible. And so, it’s pretty frustrating when even after putting all the effort to make this possible, nobody ends up looking at your video.

What should one do? Well, even before we start digging deeper to find answers to this question, there’s something else worth mentioning. Creating a great video involves a lot of creativity, hard work, and persistence, and if you are not going about any of these properly, failure is inevitable.

So, we’ll reveal to you one genius trick that is part of video promotion and has enabled many to create successful videos. Also, we’ve assembled a set of other well-researched, tested, and proven tips that will help you to get your videos in front of as many eyes as possible.

Read on to learn more.

1. Optimize The Power of Video Platforms And Social Networks

Today, we have different dedicated platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Wistia amongst many others, where you can upload your video and apply several techniques to enable it to reach a wider audience.

YouTube is the leading platform, with an estimated 1 billion users each month and it’s closely followed by Vimeo, which reports 100 million users per month. What sets Vimeo apart from YouTube is that they have a paid service named Video on Demand, which utilizes modern advertising models to sell your content to a wider audience.

video marketing solutions2If you don’t have a YouTube profile yet, get yourself one and start right away looking for followers. But note that this may not be easy in the early stages.

Sharing your video on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook or niche communities might help a little bit. But there are better ways. Start by optimizing your video for search engines. This will include things like optimizing your metadata (titles, text, and tags). Use the right keywords that will get your video easily discovered.

You can sponsor your video on YouTube as well. Even though you will part with a decent amount of money, when done right, this could be your best chance to flourish because you will be able to easily reach a wider section of your target audience. This means you should stay authentic, believe in your content, and more importantly, make the content compelling.

2. Reach Out To Bloggers and Influencers

This could take place in many ways. First, look out for bloggers in your niche. For instance, if you have a video series on places you’ve traveled to or about coffee products, contact top travel blogs or coffee blogs and reach a deal, if possible, on what it takes for them to either embed your video on one of their posts or give you a mention.

Another technique is to interview an influencer in your space or any other related space. Usually, influencers have a loyal following who more often keep tabs on them to know what they are up to. Interviewing one in your video or getting them to say something about you is one way to attract the attention of many who follow the influencer.

Not forgetting to mention that being in the presence of an influencer and getting them to talk about several things is one way to make yourself known in your niche. As one of the many solutions to video marketing, this could work to your advantage in many ways.

3. Personalize Your Videos

As mentioned earlier, this is the clever trick a good video marketing strategy depends on. Ever stepped into a shop, got recognized, and treated personally? Many who’ve encountered this can admit it felt great getting that special recognition.

Utilizing personal touch in marketing has never gone wrong. By simply personalizing their MMS texts and sending them to 1200 people in the US, BMW was able to net a whopping $500,000 in revenue achieved through an improved 30% conversions rate. This came through conversions, of course.

If those watching your video can resonate with the content, this increases the chance of converting them into customers. This means appealing to their needs, interests, likes, and other preferences. Aberdeen reports that getting personal with your customers through email can boost conversion rates by over 10%.

The same also applies to sales. Hubspot, in its compilation of personalization stats, reports that the return on personalization for most companies as presented by their in-house marketers has been, on average, a 19% increase in sales.

An interactive personalized video also encourages loyalty. Keep in mind that viewer retention solely relies on familiarity and connection, and a personal touch is one way to achieve both. Another great benefit is lead nurturing.

So apart from publishing your video on different platforms and reaching out to bloggers and influencers, personalization is the one effective video marketing solution you should apply to your video in order to double your chances of reaching a wider audience through the different platforms and other ways.

Final Word

It’s definitely possible to get the views that you desire from your videos and even convert viewers into customers you are at it. But it’s imperative that you find the right platform, network with bloggers and influencers in your niche, and make your videos more personal to get amazing results.

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