5 Features Your Video Marketing Templates Need to Have (2 Examples)

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Did you know that the average video only retains 37% of viewers until the final second? In today’s fast-paced digital world, the influx of information is unceasing and, even more importantly, it’s relentlessly evolving to capture the consumer’s attention in any way possible.

So what’s the key to standing out in this highly charged atmosphere when you start looking for a video marketing plan template? While that average retention rate for videos might not seem too high, when you add personalization into the mix, the average retention rate increases by 35%!

There’s an inverse relationship between the amount of digital content available and our attention spans to intake that content, so finding a video strategy template that increases retention rates by so much is crucial to being noticed today.

Video marketing templates that feature personalization provide this key to standing out from the crowd. In the rest of this article, we’re going to analyze 5 specific examples from VideoRemix’s own videos to show you what the best business video templates have.

Customizable Overlays

A good marketing video template should have many options for creating customizable overlays and lower thirds to include in your videos. These are powerful tools for engaging viewers, since, with personalization software, they can feature viewers’ names, images or locations to effectively capture attention and build interest in your business.

With business video templates like this one, you can use the text to include clickable calls-to-action at any point in your video, along with a unique-to-you script that positions your business as the solution to your customer’s need or problem.

360 Videos

This advanced software wows viewers with its interactivity, adding another layer of interest and engagement to your videos. With 360 video, you can seamlessly create virtual reality tours of locations or products, making the viewer feel like they are in the video with you.

More and more marketers are beginning to use 360 videos as its effectiveness (like a 29% higher click-through rate) becomes clear, so the ability to create and distribute 360 videos at this stage in the game will set you apart now. It’s a technology that looks much more complicated to make than it is in reality, especially with a simple software. Using 360 technology you can create dynamic videos that shows your clients anything from an inside view of their new home to allowing them to tour their cruise ship for their next vacation.

ESP and CRM Integration

Within your templates, the ability for your video marketing software to integrate with your ESPs and CRMs means distribution will be a snap. In fact, that’s a huge part of the personalization package: you get to take your entire network and create video templates that personalize to individuals in a given email or social media campaign.

Intuitive Editor

A software that anyone, regardless of prior video experience, can use will be your ticket to success with business video templates. Not only do you want an intuitive editor so you can get creative with your templates, a great bonus feature is real-time collaboration as you’re editing or creating the videos, which can be vital for teams wanting to work on the same video.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but you want to be able to measure your progress as you make and distribute videos, so you’ll need a video marketing plan template software that includes analytics. Generally, companies who are creating video content see a 27% increase in click-through rates and a 34% increase in conversions; as you start to implement more video content onto your sites, see if this holds true for you too.  

As you get creative with more business video templates, you’ll be able to hone your most effective videos and distribution channels based on the feedback you get from these analytics. Since digital marketing is a dynamic field, keeping up with industry trends and your own progress will help you grow efficiently.

Final Thoughts

These 5 features we’ve discussed are some of the musts for your video marketing templates, especially when it comes to standing out among competitors. You’ll take your video marketing capabilities to the next level by creating videos with these elements.

Google reported last year that 50% of people on the internet wanted to watch a video regarding a product or service before going to a store, which means that the more video content you can create, the more traffic you’ll draw. And with personalization to help you stand out, you’re on your way to greatness.  

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