Key Components of a Successful Video for Business Promotion

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After you’ve put out a video for business promotion, whether online or on TV, you will want it to achieve a couple of things: that your target audience will pay attention to it, hold it in their memory, share it with their friends and family, and more importantly, act on your message.

Ever come across such a video ad? One that you can’t rub off your memory years later? Great. Think of it deeply and ask yourself, ‘What make this ad so good I can’t get over it?’

You will be surprised that the reasons are pretty much simple and seemingly obvious. There may be no single golden rule to creating such a successful video ad but, on a closer inspection, you will identify several components that could be useful in coming up with a highly shareable and productive promotion video.

After thorough research, we’ve been able to identify these components and, by learning and implementing them, you will be really close to creating another incredibly successful promotion video.

A narrative

Successful business promotional videos often create a personal connection between the viewer and the product or brand. Presenting a bunch of facts or a pile random clips won’t stir up such a connection. But weaving a nice story will.

You can tell a story of how the idea for a particular product or brand came up. Share the wins and failures that you faced along the way. Or you can find a good compelling story that your audience will relate to and remember. You can tell an interesting testimonial from your client as well.

Share all the juicy details and let the story lead your viewers to your next big point.

Example: Starbucks’ Year-of-Good video is a great example of this. So far, it has attracted well over 15 million viewers. Watch how the story is weaved and the emotional impact it passes on to the viewer.


Let’s face it, the majority of us have at least bought one of those mugs, keychain, or other novelty items that came bearing names or other information that we felt connected to on a personal level. The fact is, as humans, we are naturally attracted to those things that seem specially customized for us.

promoting your business videoIf you don’t know it yet, this marketing tactic is called personalization. Most consumers see it this way: “If the product or service is personalized for me, it means I played part in its creation.”

So, apart from the name, you can customize the business promo video by basing it on the consumer’s age, gender, location, company, job title, specific likes, and so on. However little or large the personal touch is, the prospect will more than likely relate to it on a personal level and eventually be inspired to act.

Example: Take this video ad from Cadbury, for instance. It utilizes images plus other information collected after the user has clicked on the company’s official Facebook page and created a really personalized video. Towards the end of the video, the user gets to know which chocolate product is best for them based on the gathered information.

Watch it below:

The remarkable success this campaign had is proof of the incredible impact personalized promotional videos have for businesses.

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To many, this may sound obvious, but another way to look at it is from the perspective that any video for business promotion must have a well-defined purpose. After watching your business promo video, viewers shouldn’t feel like you peaked their interest and did nothing with it at the end. Just like it is with triggering one’s appetite, give your viewers ’food’ to eat.

At the moment in your story when the hero or main character is yet to encounter impending doom and everyone is so empathetic, let your brand or product save the day. Put differently, your brand or product should be the much-needed solution. Thereafter, inspire immediate action through your clear call-to-action.

Example: Even though it’s from a non-profit organization, the horrific story in this video will fill you up with empathy and as you stay baffled wondering what will happen to this cute little girl, a compelling call-to-action comes up and inspires you to act based on the story.

With over 50 million views and millions in donation, there’s a lot to learn from this video.

Quality Is Everything

No matter how good your story is or your call-to-action or your personalization tactics, if the video lacks in great quality, it won’t be able to achieve much. However, if the quality is really good, you are certainly destined to get plenty of exposure and clicks because more people will want to watch it not just once but over and over again.

Keep in mind that excellent video production will give the impression that you take your brand seriously and you are fully committed to it. The intro, pictures, movements, sound, transitions, and so on should be smooth, captivating, and reflect the best of creativity.

Final Thoughts

What’s important for you to note is that each of the successful videos in this post incorporates all the components we’ve mentioned. Also, take note of the level of creativity and professionalism that have been invested to make them stand out from their competitor’s videos.

The good news is that you can do it, too. In fact, creating promo videos for websites or your business should be your top priority now. Let this information not only inspire you into using video to promote your business but also be the reason for the success of your brand.

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