Why Is Cloud-Based VideoRemix The Best Video Editor App?

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Personalized Video Editor

If you've been following developments in video content marketing, you know that right now personalization is all the rage. VideoRemix is the best video editor app with customization features that enable you to communicate your message to individuals, not crowds.

Conventional video is good. It's generally less boring than other types of content. That matters in the fast-paced world of disposable media. But when it comes to drawing and retaining audience attention, it just doesn’t get the job done as well as it used to.

That’s because over the years Internet users have watched countless hours of digital video, and they're bored. The solution? Make the content more interesting, more relevant to what they’re really interested in. In short: make it about them.

In this article, I'll discuss how individual customization is transforming the impact of online video. I'll show you why you cannot afford to ignore the coming wave of personalized content. I'll also introduce the clean, well-tuned solution VideoRemix has developed to ensure your video marketing assets continue to perform at the highest level. 01

The Problem

Advertising professionals know content drives conversions. They've flooded the online marketplace with their efforts to produce interesting, valuable, and attention-holding collateral.

But what was interesting, valuable, and attention-holding yesterday is played-out, boring, and cliché today. And today's strategies to stand out against the backdrop of mundane marketing are already fading. Rather, they're morphing into more relevant and highly optimized kinds of specialty content, individually tailored.

Mass marketing that targets large crowds in hopes of bagging just a handful of responses has always been expensive and inefficient. Now—in the ruthless age of attention-as-a-commodity—it's dying fast.

The VideoRemix Solution

Audiences have been desensitized to the noise of generic marketing campaigns. Attention is becoming more elusive; you can no longer afford to think of potential customers as members of an impersonal crowd. You must reach out to prospects individually, delivering information that matters to them.

Enter VideoRemix.


How It Works

VideoRemix is a highly customizable, cloud-based video editing platform. But it's much more than a video editor. You can easily build personalized, value added content, delivered directly to individual viewers—a video product created just for them.

Geo-targeting, addressing viewers by name, and customized reference to their last product purchase are a few of the key elements that make VideoRemix the best video editor app currently available.

Why It Works

Personalized video content has been shown to increase click-through response nearly tenfold over conventional, generic video. Embedded, clickable calls-to-action give viewers immediate opportunities to effortlessly respond.The result is a high rate of positive audience engagement.



The VideoRemix HTML visual editor's online interface follows three basic steps:

  1. Import media from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Clyp.it, SoundCloud, Flickr, and local files into the online video clip editor.
  1. Create personalized mashups, popups, intros & outros from imported material in real time with no long rendering processes. Add custom details such as text and images matched to individual viewer profiles and demographics. Templates are available to present videos with lower-third formatting and dynamic calls-to-action. (This is where VideoRemix truly begins to shine.)
  1. Deliver your stunning, professional quality video message via any channel: social media, email, or static landing pages. VideoRemix works great with MailChimp, AWeber, and similar services, along with numerous content and marketing platforms like WordPress, GetResponse, Leadpages, etc.


Smart, Elegant Interface

VideoRemix is simple and easy to use. Cloud-based storage ensures your project data is secure and backed up. Final publishing is easy and instantaneous without bloated, resource intensive rendering.

The super easy editor makes customizing text and images effortless. This keeps viewers engaged with content that matters to them—content that’s about them.

Amazing Personalization

Address individuals by name with popup dialogues, or reference landmarks near their location with the familiarity of a friendly neighbor. Personalized emails, photos, and other details create a truly unique experience: far more than a global broadcast message can deliver.

A powerful feature distributes personalized videos to each viewer among all your social media contacts in a single batch.

Want more email subscribers? Encourage users to sign up and autoresponders will deliver unique, on demand content derived from a single source video.


Optimized Capabilities

VideoRemix's robust interface includes essential features to provide the best video editor for GoPro and other exciting, high-resolution footage.

Custom-crafted popup messages and voiceovers can be strategically added throughout your videos. Portions of material that aren't relevant can be skipped based on viewer profiles. Other elements can easily be layered to produce a first-class, one of a kind experience for every user.

VideoRemix developers have thoughtfully created a collection of interactive tutorials, and there’s no special knowledge or expertise required to get up and running.


VideoRemix: A Stable Company With A Solid Platform

If you aren't familiar with personalized video editing software, or if you've used other products and found wondered what all the buzz is about, give VideoRemix a try and you may be pleasantly surprised.

You've researched cameras, lighting, and other equipment, invested in the best monitor for video editing that money can buy, and studied all the best practices in the industry. Now be sure to select the best video editor app on the market.

And you can buy with confidence: VideoRemix stands by its name and product with a unique promise to refund 150% of your most recent payment if desired results are not realized.


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