3 Simple Steps to Follow as You Learn How to Make Quality Videos

how to make quality videos

We’ve all cringed when viewing a video that just lacks a few essential things. Sometimes the elements of a quality video aren’t obvious, like subtle changes to lighting or angles. Sometimes, though, the flaws stand out a mile away, and are easily corrected with a little effort. To ensure that you know how to make…

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Top 4 Most Innovative Advertising Strategies (2017)

innovative advertising strategies

To survive in this time and age, a great business has to be innovative in its approach to significant business operations. As you might have noted, competition is fiercer today than before. Consumer behavior is no longer what it used to be just years ago. And then there’s new technology shaking up the world; every…

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These 6 Benefits of Interactive Video Advertising Outweigh All Costs

interactive video marketing

Although it’s still a relatively novel method of marketing, chances are you’ve experienced some form of interactive video advertising yourself. This emerging field of advertising ranges from “choose-your-own-adventure” videos that tell unfolding stories based on your choice of action, to virtual reality tours through a product or experience. Interactive video marketing has a massive “wow”…

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How to Sell Video Production Services (4 Best Practices)

how to sell video production services

All good marketing is ultimately rooted in storytelling. And, as we’re all becoming increasingly aware, storytelling through video is one of today’s most compelling formats. So, if you’re getting started in the video production industry, you’ll want your storytelling roots to have room to flourish. That’s why we’re taking time today to discuss how to…

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4 Key Features of an Effective Video Marketing Platform

platform for video marketing

To any serious content marketer, video marketing platforms are a welcome relief. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got just a couple or a bunch of marketing videos; we all want to streamline our video marketing operation. And that’s where these platforms come in. Your masterpiece video is a great achievement but, without optimizing its impact…

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5 Top Ways On How To Make Money Making Videos

make money with videos

In an era of get-rich-quick schemes, it’s easy to pass this off as another one of those schemes, but what sets it apart is that the truth about it is out in the open for everyone to see. Making good videos is a craft and those who’ve mastered it well make a living out of…

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Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Tour Software (Plus 1 Simple Hack)

Your potential buyers are conducting a vast majority of their real estate research entirely online these days, so you know it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology for real estate virtual tour software. If you’re looking to make your virtual tours stand out among other listings, there are a few…

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Personalized Video Advertising Simplified (1 Method You Need to be Using Now)

personalized video advertising

The universe of digital media marketing can often seem overwhelming at worst and cluttered at best. Amidst the endless fragments of advice and best practices and musts out there, how do you know which facet of digital advertising really is essential for the future of your marketing strategy? We’re here to cast our vote for…

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How to Write a Video Script that Appeals to your Audience (6 Best Methods)

By now you’ve heard it over and over again: Video marketing is not a passing trend, and it’s time to get on board. But maybe you’ve sat down to put together some promotional videos and felt stumped by step one: You have no idea how to write a script for a video. While it may…

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How to Market A Video Production Company

The next big thing after setting up your video company is figuring out how to get it off of the ground. Understandably, it’s a struggle for many trying to reach an eager audience. The good old days when one could simply throw an advert in the Yellow Pages and dozens of calls would follow later…

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