Using Video For Marketing: Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Important

You may have heard of video marketing or came close to applying it in your business but then you haven’t done so due to one reason or the other. Perhaps what might have skipped your attention is the fact that well over half of the internet audience is already consuming video content.

Come next year, Cisco predicts that over 68% of online content will comprise video content. Ever wondered why the world’s biggest companies such as Apple, Nintendo, NBA, and so on are so keen to come up with video content, not just for their YouTube channels but social media pages as well?

Well, the reasons are plenty and all have root in the fact that video is truly a game changer that has already revolutionized digital marketing. Its use in marketing has the potential to turn around the performance of just about any business.

But what exactly makes using video for marketing so important?

1. Better Connection To Customers

Emarketer reports that adults spend an average of 5.5 hours watching videos each day. Simply put, people spend more hours in a day watching videos to satisfy their entertainment and information needs. And a well-done video is sure to evoke emotions and foster higher engagement.

With video, you can capture a wider audience, including even the laziest of buyers. Most will feel connected to it since it’s so easy to consume compared to lengthy descriptions that come in other forms. Besides, seeing the product in action is a sure-fire way to get your prospects to act.

2. Solution To Short Attention Span

A reality that every marketer has to cope with is the ever shrinking attention span. In 2013, Statistic Brain reported that the average human attention span had dropped to 8 seconds from the 12 seconds recorded in 2000.

Well, it should be clear to every serious advertiser that viewers will soak up shorter content more quickly compared to when they are exposed to lengthy content. Unlike a picture, it’s said that a video is worth 1.8 million words, which means you can use it to communicate a lot in a just few seconds.

At a time when attention spans are shorter than ever, successful marketers are using video marketing to offer great value to viewers or prospects and, more importantly, to achieve great sales and conversions.

3. Conversion And Sales

Has it occurred to you yet that you can boost conversions by up to 80% when you add a clever product video on a landing page? If not, that should bolt you into action, especially if you keep asking yourself, ‘Why use video marketing?”. And that’s not all.

A survey on the state of video marketing in 2016 revealed that a staggering 74% of those who watch explainer videos to find out more about products or services ended up buying them eventually.

Better conversions and remarkable sales are the dreams of any business and video marketing offers a great opportunity for you to validate your dreams.

4. Increasing Rate Of Video Consumption

More people watch videos today than ever, thanks to the increased use of smartphones and easily available internet.

Compared to TV viewers and desktop viewers, smartphone users are more likely to relate on so many levels with brands that utilize video content. In fact, YouTube reports that each year there’s a 100% rise in mobile video consumption.

Netflix is a perfect example of how popular online video content is. Not forgetting to mention the ever rising popularity of YouTube. Alexa ranks it second after Google in the list of the most visited sites. Facebook, on the other hand, records roughly 1 billion video views a day.

All these statistics explain why video is important in marketing. The fact is video can successfully be used to fulfill the many needs people have today. If you are a brand, identify a need first and use a proper video to address it. Make it your marketing platform and squeeze the most out of it.

5. Video Builds And Improves Trust

Of all the things that should matter to a business, building trust with customers should come first. Everything they see and hear tells something about you, and if they feel a sense of connection to what you have to say and show them, they will want to be part of your business.

With the right type of video, you can build trust with viewers, prospects, and also improve the existing trusts you have with your clients. Trust also sets the foundation for better sales and conversions.

Final Thoughts

These five ways clearly show the importance of video marketing. Video marketing should matter a lot to any serious business out here. Its potential to turn around a business has been proved time and again. Larger brands have already reaped huge from it and that alone should inspire any business or brand that hasn’t thought of it to take quick action. But even as you incorporate this into your marketing campaigns, ensure you are able to deliver on your promises.

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