How To Start A Video Marketing Campaign

video marketing campaign

Video marketing is no longer something you should put off for later. Many statistics speak of its brilliance as a marketing strategy, and if you are still hesitant to launch your video marketing campaign, chances are you are starving your brand or business of great opportunities. Video marketing is a huge opportunity to better engage…

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How to Get Commercial Video Clients

commercial video clients

Quite a huge number of us work pretty hard to find those coveted commercial clients or get them interested in what we have to offer. And we can all admit this isn’t easy. But seeing that others have done it already, that means it’s possible, provided one applies the best practices in pursuing such clients.…

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4 of the Best Promo Video Ideas Broken Down in 3 Top-Notch Examples

promo video

When it comes to marketing your company or product, you might wonder what role a promo video could play in your efforts. Well, we’ve talked about the power of story on this blog before, and its potential is put to best use when you’re looking for an effective way to engage your audience without coming…

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5 Features Your Video Marketing Templates Need to Have (2 Examples)

video marketing template

Did you know that the average video only retains 37% of viewers until the final second? In today’s fast-paced digital world, the influx of information is unceasing and, even more importantly, it’s relentlessly evolving to capture the consumer’s attention in any way possible. So what’s the key to standing out in this highly charged atmosphere…

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3 Personalized Marketing Examples that Work (We Show You Why!)

personalized marketing examples

When someone calls you the wrong name, it feels annoying at best and isolating at worst, right? Being an identical twin, I’m so used to responding to both my name and my sister’s that it hardly fazes me anymore, but I still get a twinge of angst when I’m called her name. I think, Really?…

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5 Features the Best Video Marketing Software Offers

These days, it’s practically a given that you’ll be using video in your digital marketing campaigns. But when it’s time to get started making videos, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the most effective and best video marketing software. As with most online products, multiple options exist, and it can be difficult to narrow…

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Video Call-To-Actions: Definition, Types, Components & More

video call to actions

Signs of video as the next big thing in marketing are all clear. From it taking the larger share of global internet traffic to thousands of brands crediting it for their marketing success, one can’t just afford to ignore it any longer. It must feel good if you already created or are in the process…

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Learn What You Never Knew About Interactive Marketing Videos

interactive marketing videos

You’ve heard it said countless times: Video is now the king of marketing. And this could go on for the next couple of years, according to various statistics. Brands that have used/use video speak of it positively, and since everyone is about to get on-board, only those who innovate have a chance of standing out…

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Why You Should Embrace 360 Video Advertising Marketing Now

360 video advertising

One uncomfortable thing the advertising landscape has had to put up with lately is the ever-changing ways and methods of staying connected with an audience. It all starts when a new technology pops up and finds its way into advertising. Virtual reality (VR) is an example we can all relate to. First, it seemed like…

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What You Didn’t Know About Video Landing Pages

video landing pages

To a savvy marketer, landing pages are a necessity on a website. And this is why: No one doubts their potential to give positive ROI. If the term sounds new to you, we’ll simplify its meaning for your sake. Quite simply, this is a website page complete with a lead form and whose main goal…

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